CALLING CARD: Justin Brown (WR)

See what Justin Brown had to say about the Iowa game, Illinois prep, who is back in action, the rezone offense and more.

Penn State receiver Justin Brown fielded a variety of questions today in his conference call, here is a review of his comments:

On the concern with the redzone offense:

"Yeah it's a pretty big concern. We need to work on that this week in practice and get better with it for Illinois."

On the increased dropped passes:

"Whenever the ball hits your hands you have to pull it in. We cannot lose focus, so there's been a lot of stress on eliminating the drops."

On the offense as a whole:

"I think we're good at times and were struggling at other times; we have come together and capitalize on our drives - pull it all together."

b On this being a "must game" for both teams:

"Yes. every conference game means a lot. This is homecoming and we got to get this win. This is a big game for [Illinois] too. It's a big game for both sides."

On the slow start and why they have looked sluggish:

"I can't put my finger on it exactly. There's no..."

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