ILLINOIS: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed miserably as the Nittany Lions were slapped around by the Illini?

The FOS Report Card from Penn State's 33-13 loss to Illinois at Beaver Stadium.

OVERALL: We suspected there would be growing pains this season. But we can't imagine anyone envisioned three losses by three touchdowns.
Grade: F

OFFENSE: The bumbling Nittany Lions had seven first downs in the game, and three of those came in garbage time.
Grade: F-

DEFENSE: Tom Bradley's crew is rarely physically overmatched. But it happened in this game -- big time.
Grade: F-

SPECIAL TEAMS: Wasn't it just last year that this was a weakness of the program? At least the Nittany Lions have improved on one area.
Grade: A

COACHING: After the game, Joe Paterno pointed an accusing finger squarely at himself and his staff. One of the best calls from the Nittany Lion brain trust on the day.
Grade: F+

INTANGIBLES: This was the first time this season the players did not appear to give maximum effort at times. At least some players.
Grade: D-

OTHER GUY: As bad as Penn State was, we'd be remiss if we did not credit Ron Zook and his crew for so effortlessly administering the beating.
Grade: A+

OFFICIALS: We never did get a clear answer on why the zebras picked up the illegal formation flag on the Illini.
Grade: C

CROWD: Pretty sad to see most of the student section showing up so late for homecoming. Maybe they had an idea of what was coming.
Grade: C-


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