RECAP: Paterno's Bye Week PC

Joe Paterno was on the Big Ten teleconference on Tuesday addressing questions related to the Penn State football squad. Get an update here.

Coach Paterno participated in the Big Ten coaches' teleconference. Here is the recap:

Update the injury situation. Were there one or two areas that disappointed you?

Joe didn't do a good job of getting the team ready to play. They didn't make a couple of adjustments

Jack Crawford is out. Eric Latimore went out. Most of the people who left the game are gone and won't be ready for Minnesota.

Is it a personal goal to get to 400 victories?

No, Joe hasn't thought of that. He wants one victory.

A couple of players said that people need to stop pointing fingers. How much does that detract from what you want to accomplish?

Obviously, that doesn't help you. If there is some of that, certainly it's detrimental. Joe hopes there isn't as much of it as kids may say after a loss like Illinois.

Is leadership still an issue?

Some of the guys they thought would step to the front have gotten injured. The medical people told Joe this is the worst situation they've seen in the 24 years they have been at Penn State. When a guy goes out, the guys next to him have to get used to the new guy. As a coaching staff, they have to be careful not to ask guys to do things they are not capable of.

What message do you send to people who want a coaching change?

Joe has no time for that. He's just trying to make the football team better.

Are any of the injuries season-ending?

Three or four definitely won't. Curtis Drake, Gerald Hodges, Garry Gilliam are all gone. Joe isn't sure how long Latimore will be out. Joe will probably have to get the medical people to release an update on the recent injuries. The less they talk about the injuries, the better Joe likes it. There's nothing he can do about the injuries. They have to go forward with the guys who are healthy.

Will Sukay be back this year?

No. Joe forgot about him when mentioning the injuries.

Is there a concern for your young players' morale after the losses?

The coaches has to do something to help them. The team had Sunday and Monday off. They will meet today and practice in shells. They will go over some of the mistakes they made and refocus on what they need to do to get better. Joe can't blame anyone but himself for the state of the team right now. They have to get the team to understand they still have potential.

Are there jobs open over the next week or two, especially on the offensive line?

Sometimes you make statements after the game that you might take back after looking at the tape. The offensive line is getting more criticism than they deserve. They didn't dominate any area of last Saturday's game. There's a lot of work to do in all areas of the team. They have a job to do and it's doable, but it's going to take a lot of commitment by a lot of people.

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