The Nittany Nation has been reeling since Penn State's homecoming loss to Illinois. But where does Joe Paterno's team stand? Get an update here from out exclusive Nittany Notes.

Understandably, it was morose mood in the locker room after Penn State's loss to Illinois Saturday. "Everyone was dazed and down. I think it's understandable that there's been a ton of frustration [since Saturday's loss]," one observer said.

According to another observer, "You see some finger-pointing with the players and staff, but some staffers, in particular Joe, have been trying to counter that."

With the bye week the squad was off on Sunday, which is its typical schedule. Monday the team was not slated to practice, however the coaches also opted to give the players time off from unit meetings and film reviews. "I think they wanted everyone to step back and relax a bit."

As to whether that was the right decision, the opinions are split. "Everyone should have gotten together so [the staff] could regroup the team out of the gate," one observer shared.

According to another, "It was good to give the guys a break and let them step away for a bit, but they have to come back refocused."

Tuesday had the coaches revising their approach to practice. "The coaches are saying positions are opened and guys who want it have to show it. They don't want to hear about excuses with injuries and inexperience."

As for the overall attitude at practice, "some guys have to shake it. Some of the younger players are beating their chests to get it done, but some guys just have to shake it off."

The coaches had the players in shells for a "light practice," however to further illustrate their point related to opening up positions they stripped the squad of their standard colored jerseys represented by:

First-Team Offense: powder blue
Second-Team Offense: green
First-Team Defense: navy blue
Second-Team Defense: red

Rather, all players were in the standard navy blue (defense) and white (offense) jerseys. "They are saying it's open, but Tuesday was real basic, so we'll have to see how serious they are." is your source for the BEST content and community covering Penn State football.


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