CALLING CARD: Stefen Wisniewski (OG)

See what Penn State offensive guard Stefen Wisniewski had to say about the offensive line, bye week, his own play, Minnesota and more.

See what Stefen Wisniewski had to say on a variety of topics:

On the intensity and emotion he's seen from Evan Royster in practice since Illinois:

"He's a little more fired up than usual. He's not the kind of guy to get in people's faces. But I've see more enthusiasm from him."

On whether he feels a lack of enthusiasm is an issue for this team:

"I think it's been a big issue and it's something we have put an emphasis on. Last week was a physical week with a lot of battles and passion and that's what we need."

On if the OL is getting too much blame:

"We deserve our fair share of the blame, but there is plenty to go around."

On if he feels the line can dominate Minnesota:

"We need to be running the ball and committed to do that. I am sure we'll be trying to do that this week."

On the recent focus in practice:

"We were..."

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