The former Nittany Lion and current Tennessee Titan special teams' ace provides exclusive insight for Fight On State. This week he talks about playing against Dallas, appearing on MNF and enjoying (kind of) country music.

Football season is flying by. It's what I wait for all year long, but when it's here it just seems to pass so quickly, so I make sure I enjoy every day of it.

Yep, it is Week 6 already in the NFL and we got ourselves in good position with a huge win last week against Dallas. Our offense played big and our defense came through in the clutch. The new Cowboys' stadium is an insane place to play with all that hoopla goin' on. That adds to the excitement.

The win set the stage for a division showdown on Monday Night Football against my old team, the Jags. We were both 3-2 and every division game is a huge one. We rolled out of there with a win, a great feeling.

My Nittany Lions are forcing me to fight for our reputation down here with my teammates, but I promise I will defend our honor to my death. Guys get pretty heated and defensive when it comes to their alma maters. I hear the debates -- which are really arguments -- everyday. Which school is better than the other, which is awful and which should be disbanded from the NCAA. Even though I keep my comments few and far between, I will stand up and fight for Old State. I see good things in the Nittany Lions, but like Joe keeps saying, "we just need to get better." I know that coaching staff will get those guys to improve, so I'm not worried. Go State!

Let's talk about life for a minute. I'm really enjoying living in the South. The people are nice, the weather is phenomenal and there is just something very laid back about it that I like. Being in "Music City," I'm trying to get into some country music, and I'm not finding it as difficult as I thought. I always considered myself a versatile guy when it came to my musical interests, but country was always near the bottom of my list for whatever reason. I'm seeing now that I really never gave it a chance, and also I've learned that all country music isn't about losing a dog, breaking up with a girl, a tune about an old pickup truck and some cowboy boots -- despite my stereotype.

I'll keep testing the country music waters. Promise.

Fall is a great time of year and football is what makes it so great. I mean, without football, what would we do in the fall? Watch baseball? Hmmm, no. Not for me. I'll take a high school game on Friday, a great college game on Saturday and the NFL on Sunday. Oh, this past Monday, I decided to check out Monday Night Football.

So grab the PSU jersey from the wash pile (you know you are going to spill some nachos and cheese on it this week watching the game on Saturday) and make sure to put it on to watch the Titans!

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