McGloin Ready for Primetime

Sophomore quarterback full of confidence approaching what is likely his first career start. "Me and my friends have always been winners and that's something you have to expect to do."

Matt McGloin recalls the moment very clearly.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” the sophomore quarterback said. “Me, Rob (Bolden) and Kevin (Newsome) were watching film together when Jay (Paterno) walked in. He told us we were going to go with (Bolden) at starting quarterback.

“Then they brought us in with Coach Joe (Paterno) and he told us the reasons. There wasn't any bitterness or anything like that -- we accepted it and moved on.”

Although McGloin was not named Penn State's starting quarterback before the start of the season, the Scranton native remained committed to his goal of earning the honor at some point in his Nittany Lion career.

That moment came last Saturday in Minnesota, when McGloin entered the game following a head injury to the freshman starter Bolden.

He made the most of it.

On his first career completion, McGloin hit junior wide receiver Derek Moye in stride on a post route to the end zone for a 42-yard touchdown.

Moye could sense the newfound charisma and energy McGloin brought to the Penn State huddle.

“He has a lot of confidence on the field and he showed us that Saturday,” Moye said. “We went out there and had fun like when we were kids. Matt took charge of the huddle and let us know he'd be there for us.”

While no starting quarterback has been officially named for Saturday's primetime affair with Big Ten rival Michigan, McGloin is supremely confident the team will thrive with him at quarterback if he earns the designation as starter.

Editor's Note: On Thursday, FOS broke the news that McGloin had been named the starter for the game. Joe Paterno confirmed the news on his radio call-in show later in the day

“Guys were playing with more confidence when I was in the huddle on Saturday,” McGloin said. “We played with a sense of urgency going into the second half and we really came together. The sideline was getting into it and the players were getting into it and that is something I would like to see going into (Michigan).”

McGloin understands that playing quarterback requires a certain type of swagger and conviction that must be tangible to his teammates.

“It goes back to playing sports as a child,” McGloin said. “Me and my friends have always been winners and that's something you have to expect to do. You can't go in saying 'we may win this one,' you have to go in saying 'we will win this one' -- especially when you're in that huddle.

“You have to be confident,” McGloin added. “You have to look at the linemen around you and they have to know that you're going to win this game and do well because it effects how they play. I try to speak loudly and look them in the eyes and be confident because it rubs off on them.”

Moye believes that McGloin's bravado will come in handy Saturday night as the Nittany Lions hope to dominate the time-of-possession battle before a national audience.

“We need long drives, we need to keep their offense off the field,” Moye said. “It's very important to keep ball away from their quarterback (Denard Robinson) and keep our defense rested.

“I feel like we need to go out there and show everybody what we can do after losing twice this season in primetime.”

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