Dan's Zingers: FOS In-Game Blog

Comedian and Penn State grad Dan Oleski provides insight on the Nittany Lions' Saturday night showdown with Michigan. Check out the live blog, which will begin shortly before kickoff.

Stuck watching the Penn State-Michigan game at home?

If so, we've come up with the perfect way to liven up your evening — by following comedian and Penn State grad Dan Oleski's blog as the game is going on.

Oleski, a former sports photographer for The Daily Collegian, lives in Irvine Calif., so he'll be watching the telecast, too. He'll be offering insight on the game, the telecast and whatever else may pop into his head.

The blog will launch shortly before kickoff and end around when the game does. You can find an archived version in this story file as soon as the blog wraps up.

Dan Oleski is a comedian and writer living in Southern California. When he's not cheering for Penn State, the Red Sox or running the Sally Struthers Fan Club page, he can be found dumpster diving for collectibles at swap meets. Dan hates vegans and high tops. Follow his tweets at twitter.com/danoleski.

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