MICH: Game Review

Get a review of Penn State's 41-31 high-octane, prime-time win over Michigan. Get big plays, scoring drives, stats and more here.


First Downs: UM 19 PSU 26
Total Plays: UM 67 PSU 76
Total Yards: UM 423 PSU 435
Passing: UM 190 PSU 250
Rushing: UM 233 PSU 185
Penalties: UM 5 / 54 PSU 1 / 15
Possession: UM 22:31 PSU 37:29
Turnovers: UM 0 PSU 0

McGloin: 17 for 28 for 250 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 4 carries for 7 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 29 carries for 150 yards, 2 TD, one catch for seven yards
Moye: 3 catches for 72 yards
Smith: 2 catches for 50 yards
Brackett: 3 catches for 37 yards
Suhey: 3 catches for 32 yards
Zug: 3 catches for 32 yards


Penn State's drive is snuffed with with a McGloin sack and subsequent non-call interference call, forcing PSU to punt.

Michigan manages to put together another drive and makes it a ball game.

Penn State 38, Michigan 31

Penn State manages to drive down into Michigan's territory but settles for a field goal.

Penn State 41, Michigan 31

Penn State forces a fourth and eight on U-M's 32; Robinson overthrows his target killing the drive.

On fourth down Penn State fakes a field goal to pick up the first down and run out the clock.


Penn State opens the second half with the ball. On third and long McGloin hits Moye for a 40-yard pickup. Penn State gets to the 14 and settles for a field goal.

Penn State 31, Michigan 10

Drive: 9 plays, 62 yds, 4:35

Michigan manages to score on a broken play to their tight end.

Penn State 31, Michigan 17

Penn State answers with a long drive of their own and Zordich busts in on third and one for a touchdown.

Penn State 38, Michigan 17

Michgian refuses to go away and quickly drives down on Robinson's legs and scores.

Penn State 31, Michigan 24


First Downs: UM 10 PSU 15
Total Plays: UM 39 PSU 38
Total Yards: UM 201 PSU 246
Passing: UM 70 PSU 137
Rushing: UM 131 PSU 109
Penalties: UM 2 / 15 PSU 0 / 0
Possession: UM 13:14 PSU 16:46
Turnovers: UM 0 PSU 0

McGloin: 11 for 18 for 137 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 2 carries for 12 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 14 carries for 99 yards, 1 TD
Brackett: 3 catches for 37 yards
Suhey: 2 catche for 25 yards


Michigan opens the quarter with Forcier under center as Robinson goes down hard on his hip. Penn State forces another punt.

Penn State gets snuffed out for the first time tonight. Robinson gets back under center. Michigan picks up a first down and mounts a drive. Michigan gets inside the 10, but a costly holding penalty kicks them back out past the 20. Michigan settles for a field goal.

Penn State 14, Michigan 10

Drive: 14 plays, 55 yds, 4:24

Penn State assembles another drive that gets them into Michigan territory quickly. On fourth and one Royster fights for a big first down pickup and then gets PSU to first and goal inside the five. McGloin scores on a quarterback sneak.

Penn State 21, Michigan 10

Drive: 11 plays, 74 yds, 5:16

Michigan returnman blunders and puts Michigan at their one-yard line. Michigan punts and Smith has a solid return to the Michgian 40. McGloin hits Suhey for a 17-yard pickup. McGloin hits Zug for a 20-yard touchdown.

Penn State 28, Michigan 10

Drive: 4 plays, 37 yds, 1:27

Michigan faced with fourth down and Forcier tosses up a prayer to end the half.


Michigan opens up with the ball and Penn State's defense forces a three-and-out after three Robinson runs. McGloin picks up a first down for Penn State on a third-and-long with his legs. McGloin hits Smith on a three-step drop to cross the 50.

McGloin hits Suhey on a screen for a first down to cross the Michigan 30-yard line. Royster breaks a a right run for a touchdown.

Penn State 7, Michigan 0

Drive: 14 plays, 71 yds, 5:52

Michigan answers thanks to a confused PSU defensive line; Robinson runs for a 32-yard touchdown.

Penn State 7, Michigan 7

Drive: 9 plays, 80 yds, 3:25

Off a short kickoff Penn State hands off to Royster for a 19-yard pickup. Justin Brown takes an 11-yard loss on a WR toss gimmick, but McGloin hits Moye for a 27-yard pickup. Royster runs for 20 yards to the one and then pounds it in for another touchdown.

Penn State 14, Michigan 7

Drive: 5 plays, 56 yds, 2:37

NOTE: Evan Royster becomes Penn State's career rushing yardage leader with 20-yard burst, passing Curt Warner (3,398).


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