CALLING CARD: Stefen Wisniewski (OG)

Stefen Wisniewski talks McGloin, Bolden, the line, Michigan win, Northwestern defense and more. See what he had to say here.

Here are some notes from Stefen Wisniewski's Wednesday comments:

On the difference between the line played against Illinois and Michigan:

"I think in that Illinois game we hadn't recovered mentally from the Iowa loss and didn't play with energy. During the bye week we looked at how we were playing and made it a point to get attitude and energy back and I think you saw that fire."

On the 400th win and if it's tough to put 400 wins in perspective:

"It's more wins than we can comprehend. He's been winning games for 20 years before we were born, but we have tremendous respect for it."

On what McGloin has meant for the offense:

"I think the attitude is a team thing, but McGloin fits into it. He only really took over last week, but he's passionate and that rubs off on the offense."

On Bolden handling the starting job being open:

"He's handled it well, he's a pretty unshakable guy."

On the two quarterbacks's demeanors in the huddle:

"Bolden is calm and has a..."

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