No. 400: Game Recap

Joe Paterno became the first D1A college football coach to ever reach the 400-win milestone, tying his largest comeback ever. See a complete recap of the game here.


First Downs: NU 19 PSU 28
Total Plays: NU 72 PSU 82
Total Yards: NU 369 PSU 528
Passing: NU 201 PSU 268
Rushing: NU 168 PSU 260
Penalties: NU 5 / 41 PSU 6 / 59
Possession: NU 26:23 PSU 33:37
Turnovers: NU 0 PSU 1

McGloin: 18 for 29 for 225 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT
Bolden: 3 for 4 for 43 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT
Royster: 25 carries for 134 yards, 4 catches for 45 yards, 1 TD
Redd: 11 carries for 131 yards, 1 TD
Suhey: 6 catches for 67 yards
Moye: 5 catches for 85 yards, 1 TD
Green: 1 catch for 20 yards
Zug: 2 catches for 32 yards
Brackett: 1 catch for 7 yards, 1 TD


PSU open the drive with a pass interference in their favor. Penn State continues to keep it on the ground along with some possession passing. And on a screen pass to Royster he blasts into the endzone for another touchdown.

Penn State 35 Northwestern 21

Drive: 6 plays, 80 yds, 3:13

NU decides to not go away and mounts a drive and gets inside the 10 yard line. But PSU forces a fourth and goal and despite some circus antics by Persa the pass is incomplete.

PSU goes back to the ground game, but punts and pins NU deep. Then sacks Persa at their one-yard line. But Persa escapes for a first-down. Persa manages to get some first downs while running for his life. And with a LB blitz, Mauti slams Persa with another sack. PSU then grabs another sack.

And with that Joe Paterno becomes the first division 1 college football coach to reach 400 wins.


Penn State opens the second half with a return to the 16-yard line. McGloin stays at quarterback. Penn State manages to convert on some third down conversions. Redd breaks open some big first down runs and PSU starts to break open some big runs as Royster has a nice 20-yard run and follow-up eight yard blast. Lions get inside the 10-yard line and McGloin hits Cadogan for a touchdown.

Northwestern 21, Penn State 14

Drive: 14 plays, 84 yds, 5:57

Penn State pins NU deep and forces a three and out and starts to show some emotion. The offense takes over and Royster hits the 99 yard rushing mark. McGloin hits Moye for 18 yards and the launches a 36-ysrd touchdown pass to tie it up.

Drive: 3 plays, 63 yds, 1:04

Penn State's defense hands NU another three-and-out. And NU shanks a 10-yard punt.

Penn State kicks out a balanced attack, but Royster continues to run inspired. and gets inside the Nu 5-yard line. Silas Redd gets his first career touchdown, giving PSU 28 unanswered points and their first lead of the game.

Penn State 28, Northwestern 21

Drive: 6 plays, 41 yds, 2:33

Penn State's defense starts to play inspired and manages to force another three-and-out and sack Persa.


First Downs: NU 12 PSU 12
Total Plays: NU 36 PSU 43
Total Yards: NU 240 PSU 244
Passing: NU 103 PSU 151
Rushing: NU 137 PSU 93
Penalties: NU 0 / 0 PSU 5 / 54
Possession: NU 14:50 PSU 15:09
Turnovers: NU 0 PSU 1

McGloin: 9 for 17 for 108 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
Bolden: 3 for 4 for 43 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT
Royster: 10 carries for 49 yards (4.9/carry), 3 catches for 32 yards
Redd: 4 carries for 48 yards (12.0/carry)
Suhey: 4 catches for 50 yards
Moye: 2 catches for 22 yards
Green: 1 catch for 20 yards
Zug: 1 catch for 20
Brackett: 1 catch for 7 yards, 1 TD


PSU hurts it self on a 15-yard chop block penalty, but Suhey makes a 17-yard pickup. But Lions are forced to punt and only get a 32-yard boot from Fera.

NU mounts another drive and Penn State simply cannot stop the offensive attack. Persa danes into the endzone untouched.

Northwestern 14, Penn State 0

Drive: 9 plays, 64 yds, 3:42

McGloin stays under center; and Redd has some impressive, hard-nosed runs. Penn State has an ill-advised challenge on a clearly missed reception by Moye. Penn State forced to punt yet again.

Penn State defense manages to force a three-and-out. However, the Lions blow an opportunity with a short field and miss a field goal.

Penn State's defense continues to blow it on big plays. And Northwestern blows the game open, scoring a touchdown.

Northwestern 21, Penn State 0

Drive: 7 plays, 66 yds, 2:08

Penn State manages to drive 91 yards in 53 seconds to get on the board.

Northwestern 21, Penn State 7

Drive: 9 plays, 91 yds, 0:53


Penn State kicks off to Northwestern. Persa breaks open a 31-yard run and hits for a 19-yard pass and drives to inside the 10 and in for a touchdown.

Northwestern 7, Penn State 0

Drive: 7 plays, 74 yds, 2:53

Bolden steps under center. Royster runs for 13 yards on his first carry. NU snuffs out the drive though.

Penn State forces a three-and-out. Penn State gets pinned back on third and 17, but Stephfon Green runs for 20 yards. Silas Redd runs for a 28-yard pickup. However Bolden gets leveled by a blitz and coughs up the ball.

NU mounts another drive and the defense is back on its heels. However the D holds and NU misses a 27-yard field goal.

On the next drive McGloin gets under center.


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