The former Nittany Lion and current Tennessee Titan special teams' ace provides exclusive insight for Fight On State. This week he talks about seeing No. 400 in person and making his first career start in the NFL.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks and I'm jacked up for the second half of my season.

Let's take care of the important things first, shall we? First of all, how about my Nittany Lions in the last couple weeks? Looking very impressive in their last couple wins. And even better, I was there last weekend in Beaver Stadium to witness that amazing 400th win, It was our bye weekend so we got about four days off so naturally I'd make that trip to my favorite place.

I stayed with my good friend and former Penn State roommate and teammate Brandon Ream and saw some other friends. too. Of course I hit up the waffle shop just to make sure it was there -- and it was good as always.

A little tailgating before heading down on the sideline to take in the atmosphere that I miss so much. Honestly, just an awesome day. I haven't been able to make it to a game in Happy Valley since the '08 season. Northwestern sucked the life out of us early and to be honest, I almost left at halftime, but I'm glad that I stuck around because that third quarter was electric. We came out and scored, then stopped them and the crowd got crazy. Then we scored and stopped them … and the crowd got crazier. Then we scored again and the place was off the chain! I admit it, I love that place.

What an amazing game. I couldn't leave town on Sunday without going to my college church, Calvary Baptist, to hear and be encouraged by God's Word. Always love getting back to State College.

So, that is my postcard from my visit to PSU. On to other things.

After the bye week, the Titans are ready to get back on track and get the second half of the season rolling in the right direction. We took a tough loss in San Diego before the bye, but we've learned from that. San Diego was a breakthrough for me as I got into the game for the first time in my career on defense. Not the biggest deal, I know, but other than the preseason, I really have never been put in for a real defensive play.

Here's the kicker … I was in on the first play, so I technically was the starter for that game. I played seven plays in our four-linebacker package and managed to have a couple tackles. I'm excited to build off of that.

We make the trip to Miami this week and are feeling good after the bye. We know that we have to play good ball and keep getting better, and we are working that way.

Oh yeah, we also picked up a new receiver during the break. He's unproven in the league but I see lots of potential in him. Keep an eye out for this guy to help our team.

Might wanna pick up Randy Moss on your fantasy teams.

Story courtesy of Kristian Dyer.

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