OSU: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed miserably as the Lions lost a wacky game at the Horseshoe? Check out our take on the situation.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The report card from Penn State's come-from-ahead 38-14 loss to Ohio State here Saturday night.

OVERALL: Guess the bookies had it right with that 17-point line. All that prevents a failing grade here is the fact that most predicted an easy Ohio State win. Though we doubt anyone envisioned the blowout unfolding the fashion it did.
Grade: D-

OFFENSE: All of the good in the first half was off-set and then some in the second. Penn State had three first downs in the final 30 minutes on seven possessions. We don't care if the Lions were playing the '85 Chicago Bears, that's just unacceptable.
Grade: D-

DEFENSE: Troubling to see this unit manhandled by a completely one-dimensional offense. Ohio State averaged 7.3 yards per carry and 8.1 yards per play. State's starting defensive tackles combined for three tackles, two by Ollie Ogbu and one by Devon Still.
Grade: D

SPECIAL TEAMS: This was pretty much a wash between the two teams, which was not good enough for Penn State. The Lions had to clearly win this battle and they did not. Is it us, or is kick-return man Chaz Powell running at half speed on his attempts?
Grade: C

COACHING: After pressing all the right buttons in the comeback win over Northwestern, the Penn State staff had the tables turned on it Saturday. And Joe Paterno's admission that he did not know how long a second-quarter field goal attempt would have been when the Lions went for it on fourth-and-1 was shocking. We're not here to argue the decision to go (PSU was stopped), but rather the lack of intel that went into said decision.
Grade: F

INTANGIBLES: The Lions had the crowd out of the game and actually booing the Buckeye coaching staff. Then the second half started.
Grade: D

OTHER GUY: Solid team but not the national title contender we predicted it would be in the preseason.
Grade: B+

OFFICIALS: Ohio State did not get much home cooking, being flagged eight times to Penn State's five.
Grade: B

CROWD: This group definitely became a factor in the second half.
Grade: B


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