IU: Game Review

The Nittany Lions are sparring with the Indiana Hoosiers at FedEx Field. Get in-game updates, including big plays, stats and more right here.


First Downs: PSU 24 IU 18
Total Plays: PSU 76 IU 65
Total Yards: PSU 496 IU 332
Passing Yards: PSU 325 IU 241
Rushing Yards: PSU 171 IU 91
Penalties: PSU 5 / 34 IU 0 / 0
Possession: PSU 31:52 IU 23:05
Turnovers: PSU 0 IU 1

McGloin: 21 for 31 for 315 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT
Royster: 16 carries for 49 yards, 1 TD, 2 catches for 38 yards
Redd: 9 carries for 50 yards, 1 TD
Moye: 6 catches for 89 yards, 1 TD, 2 carries for 38 yards
Smith: 2 catches for 57 yards
Brackett: 5 catches for 66 yards, 1 TD


McGloin hits Brown for a 24-yard pickup to the Indiana 19. PSU settles for a field goal.

Penn State 34, Indiana 24

Drive: 7 plays, 25 yards, 3:31

Penn State's defense stiffens and stops the Hoosiers on a fourth down attempt. McGloin is sacked for a seven yard loss, but McGloin hits Brackett on a screen for a big first down. On third and 19 McGloin goes for the kill and hits Moye for pass to the one-foot line. Redd punches it in.

Penn State 41, Indiana 24

Drive: 12 plays, 56 yards, 5:38


Powell muffs second kickoff, but manages a touchback. Penn State goes to the air and hits Brackett and Moye for two quick, big first downs. However, PSU's drive stalls and opts to go for it on fourth down but Royster is stuffed.

Indiana opens up the drive with a 27-yard catch and run. However, the defense forces a fourth down. Indiana hits a 49-yard field goal.

Penn State 17, Indiana 17

Drive: 5 plays, 30 yards, 1:24

Penn State drives down and McGloin hits Moye on a 17-yard touchdown strike.

Penn State 24, Indiana 17

Drive: 7 plays, 70 yards, 3:16

Doss decides to keep it a game with a big return and follow-up run to the 10-yard line. Doss catches a touchdown pass on a quick slant.

Penn State 24, Indiana 24

Drive: 5 plays, 63 yards, 1:47

Redd has a big 43-yard kick return. But Wagner pulls the field goal wide left.

Penn State forces Indiana to punt. Dailey blocks the punt and Van Fleet runs it in for a 20-yard touchdown.

Penn State 31, Indiana 24

Indiana has a tough going as Astorino picks off a pass and builds on their momentum.


First Downs: PSU 12 IU 11
Total Plays: PSU 35 IU 37
Total Yards: PSU 230 IU 200
Passing Yards: PSU 148 IU 138
Rushing Yards: PSU 82 IU 62
Penalties: PSU 2 / 9 IU 0 / 0
Possession: PSU 12:34 IU 12:23
Turnovers: PSU 0 IU 0

McGloin: 11 for 16 for 148 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
Royster: 10 carries for 35 yards, 1 TD, 2 catches for 38 yards
Redd: 4 carries for 22 yards
Smith: 2 catches for 57 yards
Brackett: 3 catches for 31 yards, 1 TD


On the first play of the second McGloin hits Brackett for a touchdown.

Penn State 14, Indiana 0

Drive: 9 plays, 99 yards, 5:07

Indiana picks up a quick first down on a Doss run and starts picking up first downs with their ground game. Indiana tosses out some gimmicks en route to a touchdown.

Penn State 14, Indiana 7

Drive: 10 plays, 78 yards, 4:01

Penn State rips off a 23-yard run on his first carry of the day. But the Lions are forced to punt.

The PSU defense stiffens and forces an Indiana punt. Smith has a solid return inside the Indiana 40. Wagner hits a 42-yard field goal.

Penn State 17, Indiana 7

Drive: 7 plays, 14 yards, 3:20

After a strange review of a 42-yard touchdown fumble recovery by Stupar, Indiana gets into the red-zone and scores.

Penn State 17, Indiana 14

Drive: 6 plays, 68 yards 1:38

Powell muffs the kickoff and starts PSU at their own 15. And just like that it's three-and-out.

After a PSU sack, Indiana closes out the half with an interception.


Indiana won the toss and opted for the ball, but after a single first down was forced to punt. Penn State opened up things up offensively and drove down the field on a 13 play, 87 yard drive which was capped with a 2-yard Royster scoring run.

Penn State 7, Indiana 0

Drive: 13 plays, 87 yards, 5:58

Penn State defense forces a punt, which is downed at the one-yard line. The Lions manage to get some breathing room and starts to get the screen game going. McGoin hits Devon Smith for a 45-yard pick-up and then hits Royster to get inside the five-yard line.


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