IU: The High Five

The Nittany Lions had their share of struggles and successes in their "road" win at FedEx Field on Saturday. See the highs and lows here.

Penn State's trip to FedEx Field had a series of lows early on, with some late highs as they pulled off their 14th victory over the Hoosiers, a team they have never lost to.


Count It: It wasn't necessarily pretty, but Penn State managed to wake up late with help from a blocked punt and Drew Astorino interception to lock up a victory. For awhile it looked like the Hoosiers may stick around long enough to end the conference shut out the Lions have pitched over 14 meetings.

Passing Judgment: Matt McGloin had a career day with 22 completions and 315 yards. He also ended the day with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Leveraging screens and completing some key deep passes, McGloin showed poise and patience.

Big Catch: Although McGloin had a big day passing, Derek Moye and Brett Brackett were his favorite targets, grabbing six passes for 89 yards and a touchdown and five passes for 66 yards and a touchdown respectively. Also, Devon Smith and Justin Brown had some solid pull-ins.

End Game: On a defensive line that struggled overall, Pete Massaro had a solid day, applying pressure and putting Chappell on edge.

Seeing Redd: Even Royster may have the record, but Silas Redd has the moves. Redd showed impressive vision and a prowess to evade tacklers. Redd had one more yard on seven fewer carries than Royster did against the Hoosiers.


Run Over: Although Indiana ended up with only 91 total yards rushing, the Hoosiers had some drives that found success on the ground against Penn State's defensive line that simply could not get pressure off the snap.

Wrap It Up: Penn State's defense continues to tackle horribly, which was a big plus for the Hoosiers who managed to hang around and make it a game, but this continues to be one of the worst defenses Penn State has fielded in memory.

Who's the Doss?: Tandon Doss was a one of the few consistent offensive weapons for the Hoosiers, but throughout much of the second and third quarters Penn State's defense could not contain his speed both on special teams and in the passing game.

Stripe Struggles: The Big Ten officials just had a bad day in this game, blowing a series of calls including two major turnovers on both sides of the ball. Luckily the replay guys saved the day on more than one occasion.

Crew Calls: Between the Big Ten Network announcers and cameramen, this was a rough game for fans at home. But, hey, at least we all know that even though Penn State and Indiana were playing in an NFL stadium on Saturday, college football rules still applied to the game.


Lacking Leaders: It's disappointing that Devon Still and captain Ollie Ogbu did not see action against Indiana for showing up late to a team meal. Come on guys...

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