Former Penn State linebacker Tim Shaw looks to be making a home for himself in Tennessee with the Titans, and he blogs about the loss to the Redskins last Sunday and how he handles the holidays. Tim Shaw's NFL blog is exclusively on FightOnState.com!

The NFL can be oh so sweet or oh so cruel - and all in the same season. The Titans started out hot but have been on a slide lately and I'm not happy! Losing never gets any easier.

It's amazing how my life is affected so much by whether we win or lose. All good if we win and all bad if we lose, and this goes on until the next game! Every phone call, every person I see on the street, not to mention things at work – all of them are affected. We took a loss to the ‘Skins on Sunday that was tough to swallow. We fought them all the way through overtime, but we just couldn't get it done. Offensively and defensively we had our issues. We let them stay on the field too much on offense and we couldn't capitalize on some opportunities when we had the ball. We lost Vince Young and it looks like he may be done for the year.

But, people, hear me say this.... "We are not done!" We have a lot of fight left in us, and lots of opportunity left. We have five division games left to play so that is all the chance we need. Gotta get it going this week. Sometimes you just have to find a way to win! Thats us, and I believe we will.

Now, let's talk a little blue and white, shall we?

I'm really proud of the team that Penn State has become since their early struggles. We always spoiled Michigan State's season while I was in school, so I expect the same from our guys this weekend – let's go seniors!

That does bring up a lot of memories for me, Senior Day is something I may never forget.I still remember going out for my last game at Beaver Stadium and the total flood of emotions. What an awesome day and what a way to go out! We beat, yep, Michigan State and I had a sack near the game's close to end their chances! I'm calling it this weekend too.....upset for the Nittany Lions!

This time of year is tough on an NFL player. Holidays in general are tough because we still have to work. Like anything else in life, it is what we make it though. So I will work on Thursday until about one in the afternoon as we'll get a lighter day than normal and then go and enjoy a meal with some good friends! I will miss my family, but it's just too tough for us all to get together with the schedule that I have. It all will even out in the off season when I get a lot of time off, but for now, while everyone else celebrates with family and off time, it's tough.

No matter what you're doing on Turkey Day, and trust me, I will be consuming every type of food within my reach, make sure that you take time to tell the ones that you love that you love them and that you thank God for all that he has blessed you with. I'm thankful everyday but take even more time aside on Thanksgiving to reflect on all that God continues to provide me with.

A loving family, great friends, and another opportunity to go out and smash somebody on the football field! Oh, and 400 wins for Coach Paterno! Talk about being blessed!

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