The former Penn State linebacker brings us up to speed with what has been going on during his season with the Tennessee Titans and other areas of his life.

Losing is not fun. It never has been, never will be, and shouldn't be, for that matter. I hate losing. That being said, we are on a bad losing streak and need a win in the worst way. Every week in the NFL is a tough game, the cliché goes, and there are no easy wins. That simple fact right there is what makes the NFL so great. The competition level is so high that every game the players put everything on the line, largely because every game we are fighting for our jobs and future jobs and our everyday reputation. The Titans will continue to do that and keep working hard and getting better. That is all that any athlete on our team can do, is turn the negative into even more hard work.

Will you let me break out into song? "It's that most wonderful time of the year…." – now let me tell you why.

I love this time of year for all of the great things that people are doing in the communities. was lucky to join with a couple of my teammates and fellow linebackers David Thornton and Stephen Tulloch as they both had separate food-giving events around Thanksgiving. The team is putting on an event for a group of foster kids this week so I'm excited to be involved with that, as well. I always try to at jump at opportunities to support my teammates in the great things they do in the community.

OK, from charity to college football. I'm proud of my Nittany Lions and they way they finished the season so strongly. I like how they got better and better as the season went on. That shows growth and maturity. I'm excited for the Outback Bowl matchup with the Gators as I had a great experience when I played my final college game in the Outback Bowl beating Tennessee, so I know the guys will have a great time playing a worthy opponent in the Sunshine State. I was shocked to see Urban Meyer retire but this is going to give his team a little more motivation to play hard for him. But the Nittany Lions don't need extra motivation. We always play for the pride of our school and the great Nittany Nation of fans that love us. I expect nothing less than a big fat W! Let's go State.

Playing one game a week is tough enough on a player's body, so its needless to say that playing two games in five days is no small feat. Well, that's what we had to do last week when we played Jacksonville on Sunday and then the Colts on Thursday night. With a short week of preparation we had to focus on resting our bodies and preparing as much mentally as we could. We took no day off and just pushed through. I had to trick myself into thinking that Monday was actually Thursday already. made sure I was ready by getting more sleep, going in the ice tub in the morning and then after practice, and watching as much film as possible in that short week. Come game time, we forget that the week was short and just go out and give everything we got. We played so hard, but just fell short of a couple big plays to win the game.

Momma Shaw was in town for the week so she came to both games and we got to spend lots of quality time together. The positive of playing Thursday night is that we don't play on Sunday and I get the weekend off. So I got to enjoy a unique Sunday — woke up and went to church and then came home and watched football all day.

Oh the little things in life.

Kristian Dyer has arranged for Tim Shaw to blog for FOS throughout the 2010-11 season.

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