OUTBACK: Lions Chomped by Gators

Penn State and Florida met in Saturday's Outback Bowl. Check out in-game recap for a quick update on what happened.


First Downs: UF 17, PSU 16
Total Plays: UF 72, PSU 75
Total Yards: UF 281, PSU 334
Passing Yards: UF 102, PSU 194
Rushing Yards: UF 179, PSU 140
Penalties: UF 5/35, PSU 4/28
Possession: UF 26:49, PSU 32:23
Turnovers: UF 2, PSU 4


Florida drives down and on a horrible pass interference call Florida is given a first and goal from the two and scores.

Florida 27, Penn State 24

Penn State gives the ball back and Florida starts to drive, getting inside the five yard line, and gets a field goal.

Florida 30, Penn State 24

Penn State has a solid return and starts a drive, but it gets snuffed out and PSU punts. Florida starts running, but PSU uses their timeouts and forces a punt. Florida gets a big punt back to PSU's 20.

PSU drives down to the 30, but alas throws another interception for a Florida touchdown.

Florida 37, Penn State 24


Florida opens up with a 51 yard run. But the PSU defense stiffens and forces a punt with a blitz. However, Penn State just misses out on a first down and punts it right back.

Florida manages to get a field goal.

Penn State 17, Florida 17

Penn State offense stalls again as McGloin nearly throws another pick. Florida runs a fake punt but falls short. PSU gets the ball at the Florida 36.

Penn State faked the inside and went end-around to Smith for a 19-yard pickup. On the next play McGloin runs it in for a two-yard touchdown.

Penn State 24, Florida 17

Florida drives down into the redzone, but another micued snap forces a fourth down and settles for field goal.

Penn State 24, Florida 20

On third and one right on cue McGloin tosses another interception.


First Downs: UF 6, PSU 10
Total Plays: UF 27, PSU 43
Total Yards: UF 87, PSU 202
Passing Yards: UF 52, PSU 155
Rushing Yards: UF 35, PSU 47
Penalties: UF 2/10, PSU 1/3
Possession: UF 11:13, PSU 18:47
Turnovers: UF 2, PSU 2

McGloin: 11 for 23 for 155 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs
Royster: 11 carries for 39 yards, 4 catches for 51 yards
Moye: 3 catches for 54 yards, 1 TD
Brackett: 2 catches for 28
Zug: 1 catch for 13 yards


Florida gets a good punt, downing it at the one yard line. On third and three McGloin tosses a second interception.

Florida scores on an end-around.

Penn State 7, Florida 7

Drive: 2 plays, 15 yds, 0:38

Penn State gets a nice 12-yard third down run from Royster. McGloin nearly throws another pick and is forced to punt.

Florida picks up 13 on a run. PSU defense forces a three and out. Florida blocks the punt and runs it in for a touchdown.

Florida 14, Penn State 7

Penn State manages to pick up back-to-back first downs in as many plays.

Florida jumps offside and Penn State takes advantage, hitting Moye for a 44-yard strike to the "half yard line." And Zordich punches it in on the next play.

Penn State 14, Florida 14

Penn State defense forces a three and out. Florida's kick only a 14 yard punt off, giving PSU great field position at the 37.

McGloin nearly gets sacked, but hits Royster on a short pass and he runs for 30 yards to the Florida 7. PSU settles for a field goal.

Penn State 17, Florida 14


Gators win the toss and defer to the second half. Penn State gets a short kick, but with a bobble they start at the 21. PSU is forced into a third and long, but Justin Brown drops a bullet from McGloin.

On Florida's first play D'Anton Lynn grabs an interception. Penn State manages to convert on third and eight on a screen to Royster. Penn State's passing game gets them inside the 10. MgLoin hits Moye for a touchdown.

Penn State 7, Florida 0

Drive: 11 plays, 61 yds, 4:48

Gators muff the kickoff and start inside their 10-yard line. PSU forces a three and out forcing a punt. Penn State gets a short field at their own 45-yard line.

Florida intercepts on a deflected pass. Florida gets inside the five 5-yard line. But Bani Gbadyu forces a fumble that is recovered by Lynn for a touchback.

McGloin forces a pass and PSU is forced to punt. Florida moves past mid field and manages a bif third down conversion. Florida loses 19 yards on a mis-snap. And that's the quarter.


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