OUTBACK: Report Card

See who made the grade and who didn't cut it in Penn State's bowl matchup with the Gators in Raymond James Stadium Saturday.

TAMPA — Check out our grades from Penn State's 37-24 loss to Florida in the Outback Bowl Saturday.

OVERALL: Penn State should have been better prepared after spending so much time in Florida preparing for this game.
Grade: D+

OFFENSE: There is no getting around the fact that five interceptions were Penn State's undoing in this game. They trump any positive we saw on offense.
Grade: F

DEFENSE: We have no issue with this unit. It held the Gators under 300 yards and allowed only one sustained touchdown drive.
Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS: Allowing a blocked punt for a score and not getting the job done on coverage were the primary culprits here.
Grade: F+

COACHING: Nice job by the defensive staff. Other than that … ugh.
Grade: D+

INTANGIBLES: We don't think either team had much of a swagger edge here. In the end, it looked like two 7-5 outfits having at it.
Grade: C

OTHER GUY: Urban Meyer wisely played low-risk football and it paid off.
Grade: B

OFFICIALS: The pass-interference call on PSU safety Malcolm Willis was dicey.
Grade: C-

CROWD: Given the caliber of these two teams, a strong showing by fans of both teams. Attendance was listed at 60,574
Grade: B+

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