FOS FAN POLL: Please Release Me

Should Penn State's Joe Paterno cut loose his freshman quarterback or should the coach play hard ball? We're looking to get the pulse of the Nittany Nation.

Penn State freshman quarterback Rob Bolden would like to transfer out of PSU. His father, Robert Bolden, wants the rookie passer to find a new school, too.

Bolden's mom, Tonia Williams, would prefer her son remain in Happy Valley. She has an ally in Nittany Lion coach Joe Paterno, who is refusing so sign a release that would allow Bolden to accept an athletic scholarship at another school.

That, in a nutshell, is what has transpired in the Bolden Soap Opera since Penn State lost to Florida -- a game during which Bolden never left the sideline even as starting QB Matt McGloin threw five interceptions.

How do you think Paterno should handle this situation?

Take part in our poll to let your feelings be known.

1). Release Bolden from his scholarship now.

2). Never release Bolden from his scholarship.

3). Give it a few weeks and then release Bolden from his scholarship.

4). Promise to re-evaluate the situation after spring ball.

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