Is there anything to the rumblings that Penn State is looking to dramatically change its workout program?

Recently there has been discussion on the FOS TAP board related to a potential change in approach and/or philosophy related to Penn State's strength and conditioning program. Is there anything to it?

"There's been discussion about changing some things up, but nothing consistent yet," one program observer explained.

From what we understand, the staff will tinker with some different exercises. But that does not necessarily reflect a pending change in overall philosophy.

An example?

Recently the players have gotten back into their lifting schedules and this week they took did an exercise that is described as "outside" the general PSU football approach.

Said to be a typical "light" day in the weight room, Wednesday the players participated in "one legged squats" which tested balance, flexibility and controlled strength.

"[The workout] was different than what they're used to and rough for some guys; some were even puking," an observer said. "It gave a challenge to a lot of them."


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