PA DL/TE Names Favorites

Chris Rogers is one of the top two-way athletes in the state of Pennsylvania. He has several scholarship offers already and names a few of his early favorites. He talks about his recent recruiting visits.

Name: Chris Rogers
Position: TE/DL
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 240 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.73 (at OSU's camp last summer)
Bench Press: 350 pounds
School: North Allegheny SHS, Wexford, PA

Chris Rogers is one of the state's most versatile players.  As a tight-end last season, he made 19 receptions for 278 yards and 4 touchdowns.  At his defensive tackle position, he amassed 75 tackles, 8 sacks, and caused 2 fumbles.

"Colleges are looking at me for defensive-end right now," Chris said Tuesday evening.  "There are a few select colleges, maybe one or two, that want me for tight-end, but it's mostly defensive-end.  Iowa would like me for tight-end and actually Penn State was thinking about it.

"They (Penn State) talked to me about tight-end at first, and then I was talking to the Defensive Coordinator, Tom Bradley, and he said,  'Are you sure you wouldn't want to play defense?'.  I thought they strictly wanted me for tight-end, so I didn't really bring up playing defense.  He brought it up and I said, 'Yeah, I'd love to play defensive-end for you guys', and he said, 'That works for me', since he's the Defensive Coordinator and everything.  He said, 'We'll put you at defensive-end then if that's where you want to be'.  So, if I go up there, I'm pretty sure I'm going to play on defense somewhere."

Chris would rather play on the defensive side of the ball in college.

"Yeah, I do prefer defense.  Defense is a lot more physical.  I like hitting people more than techniques and blocking people. It's kind of the rougher side of the ball and I enjoy that more."

Several team have already extended scholarship offers.

"I have 6 offers.  They're from Michigan, Pitt, Penn State, Kentucky, Purdue and Iowa.  Virginia's pretty interested, but they haven't offered me yet.

"I'm looking to verbally commit in July sometime, so I'm kind of starting the process of narrowing things down."

"I've visited Michigan, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Virginia and Kentucky."

Rogers also attended a summer camp at Ohio State as well as the Metro Index camp in Pittsburgh last year.

Why did he choose to camp at OSU?

"Actually, my friend's dad is good friends with the head coach up there, Jim Tressel.  So, we went  up there last year and the year before that.  It was me, my quarterback and one of the wide-receivers. We just went there because one of our friend's dad had a connection up there."

Has he heard much from the Buckeyes?

"They haven't sent me one letter since I've been up there.  I really couldn't tell you why."

Does he have any other visits planned?

"Actually, tomorrow night (Wednesday) I'm going up to Michigan.  I'll go to their spring practice on Thursday morning and get a tour of the campus on Thursday as well.  That's all I have planned for the immediate future."

Chris was previously at Michigan earlier this year for a junior day to see the basketball team play.

Who does he like?

"I like Penn State a lot, beautiful campus, good people, good program.  Michigan is nice too, same reasons,  nice people, good program.  I like Pitt a little bit too."

Is that in order?

"Yeah, I'd say that."

Coach Tom Bradley is recruiting him for Penn State.  Rogers attended a junior day in State College on  March 29.

"We left Saturday morning really early and got there about 9:30.  Everything started around 10:00.  We took a tour of the football facilities, we watched the team practice, then we went to Beaver Stadium and got a bite to eat.  I talked to Joe Paterno and a couple of the other coaches and then we called it a day.  It was really nice."

What did Joe Paterno have to say?

"He just kind of talked up the school, said how nice it was and what a great atmosphere Penn State is, a college town, and that they could really use me up there as an asset to the team.  He was just a really nice guy, kind of friendly.

"That was my first time ever on the Penn State campus.  I thought it was beautiful.  It's a nice place to spend 4 or 5 years in college and grow up, have a good time.

"I went up with both of my parents. That was their first time up there too. They're actually Pitt alumni, so Penn State's their rival, but they enjoyed it, it was a nice place, nice campus and everything.  So, they don't have any grudges against Penn State anymore."

How did the Penn State team look?

"They looked pretty good.  Everything was really organized.  It was intense, a bunch of guys screaming and everything.  They were indoors. There were two, I'd say 60 or 70 yard, fields right next to each other. They had a rotation going, some defense and second string offense and things like that.

"It was a great day I thought.

"I went to Pitt last weekend also for the blue-chip junior day.  It was kind of the same deal.  We watched them practice,  except that it was a scrimmage.  They had pads on.  That was pretty interesting.  I talked to Coach Harris and that was actually when he offered me the scholarship in writing.  Then we had a bit to eat, looked around campus a little bit with the guys and went home after that."

Because his team practices on Saturday mornings, Rogers was only able to attend one college game last year after his season ended.  He travelled to Virginia to watch the Cavaliers handle the Maryland Terrapins 48-13.

Chris is a full academic qualifier with a 3.3 GPA and a 950 SAT score.

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