Cory's PSU Recruiting Notebook

With an apparent flurry of PSU offers to Class of 2012 prospects, Cory James provides some insight on Penn State's recruiting approach with this class.

With several Class of 2012 prospects claiming Penn State offers, FOS Recruiting Analyst Cory James provides behind-the-scenes insight into the recruiting happenings for the Nittany Lions.

Here is his most recent notebook entry:

  • First, I am hearing that the verbal offer list right now is a little bit off. Obviously I know Zeke Pike (Ky QB) is one without an offer. I am still working to confirm a good list with my sources and the kids.

    It is a pet peeve of mine to report verbal offers in years past, because it is so tough to tell how true they are because some kids hear "we really like you" and take that as an offer. But that is the world that we live in for recruiting this year, so I'm going to do my best to kind of audit these offers the best I can for you guys. More to come on that.

  • A couple of things are different this year according to several of my sources. One is that the NCAA rule change of no written offers until August 1. Penn State feels that this really helps them. They honor their written offers unless a recruit does something to really take the offer away from themselves, so now they can verbally offer and essentially evaluate those recruits for several months until offering in August.

    Don't forget, they will find out if a recruit is committing before they go public, and if they aren't sure about that written offer to follow, they can delay things a bit by telling the recruit they want them to be sure. I am not saying that is the plan, but it would be an option to make sure you don't get stuck with guys you're not sure you want.

  • Another difference is that this is a much better year in the PSU traditional recruiting area, as you can see from the verbal offers that are out there. They have also offered some big-time kids from a bit outside the normal radius, but I am told by multiple sources that every one of those recruits contacted PSU with interest first. So that is a step in the right direction, to say those recruits are interested at least in hearing more from PSU.

  • Going hand-in-hand with the rule change and the offers being verbal right now...some more responsibility/freedom has been given to the assistants. Multiple sources have told me the staff has not had to consult Joe Paterno on these verbal offers. They have the freedom, led by recruiting coordinator Mike McQueary, to offer as they see fit.

    Now we will see what happens in August to that freedom on offers, but at the very least the staff will have several months to build a good relationship strengthening the chances of landing a recruit, which could make it a little easier for Joe Paterno to sign off on a written offer.

  • No offers are out to any QBs yet. Looks like PSU is taking their time on that. I get that because you can only play one QB so you can scare some guys off if you offer lots of them unlike most of the other positions.

    Pike has no offer and Devin Fuller is being recruited as an athlete according to multiple sources. Obviously Brendan Nosovitch and others are being recruited as well, but no offers yet.

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