Coles Visiting Happy Valley

Trent Coles prepares to take in Penn State on an upcoming visit. Get the latest as he talks about the Nittany Lions and his recruitment.

Clairton (Pa.) wide receiver Trenton Coles has been to Pittsburgh on several occasions, so he decided to go all night bowling the night before junior day and he missed out on some of the festivities.Todd Graham and Mike Norvell. I liked both of them a lot. Coach Norvell is very cool. I talked with each coach for about 20 minutes and they let me know my offer is still good with them and they want me there badly." Penn State is another school that has made a strong impression on Coles.

"I'm going to Penn State, I believe on March 16th for an unofficial," Coles explained. "I think they want me as a defensive back. I don't care what position I play. I'll do whatever gets me on the field the fastest.

"I have been talking to Coach (Tom) Bradley and he is a pretty funny guy," laughed Coles. "I also spoke a few times with Mike McQueary and he is cool, they're both very funny. They seem to be very interested in me."

Coles informed us that there is a leader, but a decision will not happen anytime soon.

"Pitt is the leader right now, they are the top school," Coles stated. "I want to visit some other schools, so I won't be committing early. I want to be able to get out and see some things, because I don't get a chance to travel too much."


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