Nash Noticing Nittany Lions

Bayard Rustin High WR Anthony Nash visited Penn State last Saturday. The 6-foot-5, 185-pound prospect talked to Fight On State about his visit, how his opinion on PSU changed and his unlikely story of getting involved with football.

It's been an interesting road for West Chester, Pa., standout WR Anthony Nash. If you would have asked him just a year ago, he never would have thought he would be thinking about playing football in college.

"I played football in middle school, and I was really skinny so I decided not to play in high school," Nash said. "So after my sophomore year I was playing basketball and my friend started trying to get me to play football."

After listening to his friend for a while, "I decided to try it," Nash said. "But I wasn't being serious. I went to a workout, and then my friend wouldn't stop calling me."

Finally, after Nash had all but decided to give up on football, his phone rang again.

"I looked outside," Nash said. "And my friend was chilling outside, he pretty much forced me to go to practice with him."

Nash continued with a chuckle, "And after making him promise to play basketball, I started playing football."

Now Nash is grateful for all the pressure, because he is drawing interest from many top programs, like Penn State.

Even though he hasn't received an offer from the Lions, Nash believes they are close to offering -- and was invited to visit Happy Valley this past Saturday.

"I expected it to be really nice and fancy since it is a high profile football program," Nash said. "But it was better then I expected. I wasn't even thinking about Penn State like that, and after I went I think its one of my top places."

He was impressed by plenty of things, but perhaps what left the best impression was Penn State's academics.

"I think what made me like Penn State so much is that they have what I want to major in," Nash said. "That's veterinary studies. Many colleges don't have that, so I was really happy to see that."

Nash also plays basketball, and is looking at schools for that, too.

"I haven't really thought about a timetable for committing," Nash said. "I am going to see what I get from basketball, but I plan on committing probably the middle of next year."

But when it comes down to it, football is where his heart is at.

"It would be nice to find a place to play basketball and football," Nash said."But at the bigger schools it hard. Football is number one -- I am not sure about basketball."

These two sports aren't the only things that Nash has a knack for. He is also exceptionally competitive at video games.

"I like to play video games," Nash said. "I actually could have gone pro in playing Halo. You can actually get paid for it."

Nash turned down an invite to a professional video game tournament in Orlando. But this proves a couple things -- he's competitive and a gamer.

But that's not it – he's fast. Nash has run a 10.9 in the 100-meter dash.

"I would say that I am really fast," Nash said of his strengths. "I use my body well and I can jump really high."

Athleticism is his greatest attribute. Whether Nash brings it to PSU, remains to be seen.


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