New Jersey Boys

The Nittany Lions are not only changing the stripes on their trademark uniforms, but completely eliminating them.

It's official. The plainest jerseys in major college football have become even more … well … plain.

Wednesday, Penn State announced on its football-specific Web site -- -- what most of the Nittany Nation knew was coming. The Lions' legendary austere jerseys have been stripped down even further.

For the last three decades, Penn State's home jerseys have been blue with white trim at the neckline and armholes. The new rendition removes the white trim, leaving the jersey entirely blue except for the numbers.

The road jerseys are now entirely white except for blue numbers.

Penn State has never had names on its jerseys.

While many fans were up in arms when word of the pending new-look jerseys was leaked during the winter -- contending it was a break from tradition -- the most recent change in the uniform is actually a return to the look the Nittany Lions sported for most of the 1970s.

The white trim was added in the late 1970s because, at the time, it was impossible to exactly color match the mesh material of the jerseys with the fabric that was needed as trim for the neckline and armholes.

“It had to do with the construction of the jersey,” longtime team equipment manager Brad “Spider” Caldwell said in a video on

Nike, which produces Penn State's uniforms, no longer needs to use trim to stabilize the openings of the jerseys.

“We don't have to do that anymore,” Caldwell said on the site. “It can be part of the body of the jersey and still have the stability and not stretch open so much.”

Predictably, PSU coach Joe Paterno had the final say on the new/old look.

“We went to Coach Paterno and said, 'Coach, we really don't have to have that white trim on there anymore,' ” Caldwell explained. “He's like, 'We don't need that anyway. So let's go back to the way we used to be.' ”

For fans anxious to get a look at the jerseys on players, there is going to be a wait. Penn State holds its annual Blue-White Game scrimmage Saturday but will be wearing old jerseys for the contest.

Check out the video here: SEE THE VIDEO.

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