Pollard On Picking PSU

After having some time to reflect on his decision, the New Jersey DT prospects discusses it with Fight On State.

For West Deptford (N.J.) HS standout DT Jamil Pollard, football is more than just a game.

"I love it now," Pollard said. "I have made it my life."

But if it weren't for an inside joke with his brother, he might have never set foot on the gridiron.

"It's a joke between my brothers and I," Pollard said. "We were joking about playing Madden the video game. One thing led to another I started playing football."

Now, the game of football has led him to become one of the most recent commitments to the Nittany Lions.

"We went up there two Saturdays ago," Pollard said. "After I got back to my mom's house, my dad called and we had a 20-minute conversation about Penn State and Rutgers."

What came of that conversation is history?

"My dad said he liked Penn State better and I said I did too — so I committed," Pollard said.

He did so with a call to assistant coach Ron Vanderlinden.

"He was on a hike or something," Pollard said. "I told him and he was all happy. He went on saying, 'I'm so happy your committed, Coach (Larry) Johnson will be so happy. I've got to call him right away.' "

And with that decision, Pollard and his family are happy to call themselves part of the Penn State family.

"My dad made sure I went to college for the right reasons," Pollard said. "More about education and location."

Two things that Pollard has found with Nittany Lions.


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