Cory's Recruiting Notebook

Penn State coaches have hit the road and are targeting several Class of 2012 prospects. Get the latest rundown on PSU visits here.

New Jersey Athlete Devin Fuller recently had visitors into his school this week from Penn State, Pittsburgh, Alabama, Rutgers, and Connecticut Fuller still has no named leaders or upcoming visits planned yet

Penn State has told Fuller that he would be an athlete at first, either receiver or defensive back and then later he may be moved to quarterback

Pennsylvania running back Greg Garmon says that he may come to State College this Saturday to compete at the Penn State Nike Camp, but he hasn't decided for sure yet It doesn't sound like he will come up early or stay for Sunday this weekend to meet with coaches

Garmon could play defensive back, but personally I think he is too electric with the ball to play defense If he doesn't work out as a back, he could be a great receiver too in my opinion I don't expect too many under the radar offers until either some prospects start choosing other schools or during summer camp when some borderline guys are seen in person at PSU

Pennsylvania running back Drew Harris told me that Michigan was by his school this week Harris still has no named leaders or upcoming visits planned at this point

Pennsylvania defensive end Noah Spence had visitors at his high school from Nebraska, Michigan, Penn State, and Stanford this week Spence has no planned upcoming visits as of this report

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