Glover Speaks About Choosing Lions

After playing a year at Sheridan Junior College (Wyo.) standout guard Matt Glover began his search for a college all over again. Glover, the Lions most recent signee talked to Fight On State about why he chose Penn State, what to expect from him, and his journey to Happy Valley.

All it took for Junior College transfer Matt Glover to decide where basketball would take him next -- was one trip to Happy Valley.

"I had some other options," Glover said. "But I didn't feel like I had found the right place until I went to Penn State, and I had a really good feeling about it so I didn't want to pass up on it."

Three days later the Sheridan Junior College standout had signed his Letter of Intent with the Lions.

"On my trip I just was honest with them and told them I had a good feeling," Glover said. "About the school, the team and everything -- and that I was going to sign."

He continued, "So they were happy. It was spur of the movement, but it was good."

But what exactly sold him on the Lions?

"The guys on the team seemed like a good group of guys," Glover said. "The facilities are all nice and stuff like that, honestly at other schools I visited they had the same facilities -- but at Penn State it seemed like all the guys got along and were a true family."

Another thing that helped him make his decision? The Lions season last year, capped off by reaching the NCAA tournament for the first time in a decade.

"Getting to the tourney had a little bit of an effect," Glover said of his decision. "It shows me that their coaching staff is actually working and they know how to grind it out.. I think Coach DeChellis really cares about all the guys and he pushes them."

He continued, "I feel like he wants to win, and he isn't loosing too much so that we can be right back up there."

Even though he doesn't report to Penn State for another month, the California native is already receiving plenty of attention --and is realizing how big of a deal playing for Penn State actually is.

"They know the name and everything," Glover said of his friends back home. "So the first thing they say is don't forget about me."

He added jokingly, "they act like I am automatically going pro or something."

Glover will be a sophomore next year, and the 6-foot-4, 190 pound guard can't wait to be on the court again. But what exactly is he going to bring to PSU?

"My biggest strength is being able to create for other guys," Glover said. "I feel confident enough and can get my own shot off, but being able to come down and create something or find someone else is my strength."

Glover officially joins Nittany Nation on June 26th, the day he reports to State College.

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