Cory's Recruiting Notebook

Get an update on Penn State's current Class of 2012 recruiting efforts and the framework of the staff's strategy from FOS Recruiting Analyst Cory James.

Things are always getting a bit slow this time of year, so I know a lot of you will be anxiously awaiting any news. I don't have a lot of news on specific targets, but I am hearing a bit of framework type details for this class from my sources:

QBs: I am not sure how many still at this point with a lot up in the air here still on the current team. I am told that there are guys that PSU can get that they are looking at, but there are still no offers out there yet. It doesn't appear to be a big concern to fill however many spots there are.

RBs: The first of two positions of concern. William Mahone is the top guy right now and Penn State seems to be in pretty good shape. We'll see if they can keep it up with him and land another Ohio guy in this class. The other RB spot might be a bit murkier. It is possible things will heat up with Drew Harris. Not a lot of biting from the other targets. Obviously as I reported last week Garmon is off the board.

TEs: PSU got this position done early with the exception of Kent Taylor who they will leave room for. PSU is in decent shape with Taylor, it will just come down to whether he will leave the state of Florida.

WRs: Two WR's is the plan right now. Eugene Lewis seems to be the top guy right now. There are a few other prospects for the second spot and PSU seems in decent shape to land a couple top choices for the position.

OL: I am not sure on the final number here, but PSU is in good shape with more guys than they likely will take. That's not to say they would land them all if they could, but good enough shape that this OL class should be filled with top targets. Guys like Denman, Bisnowaty, Destefano, Muller, all should have PSU in the mix. Problem is, there are limited spots available and one or more of the PA guys may get left out because some people think DeStefano may commit soon.

DT: PSU is already ahead of the game at DT with 3 guys already on the board and they are looking for one more. Probably would only take another DT if it were a homerun type prospect, but it is still possible especially since some of these guys could play a few positions. Plus, I am hearing from my sources that they think that Jarron Jones is solid, but with the soft verbal you never know so cant sleep on the position.

DE: Noah Spence is the only prospect here and PSU seems to be in really good shape for right now. Looks like Spence will be a January commit though, so a lot of time to make sure PSU is at or near the top.

LB: Camren Williams is already on board and one more slot is available at LB. I haven't heard a lot of names for the last spot, but my sources don't seem too worried about the position. So that likely means one of the guys out there is looking good.

DB: This is the other position of concern. I am told that it doesnt appear that PSU has a chance with any of the targets at the DB position other than Cox and Reeves. The good news is PSU is in good shape for both Cox and Reeves. Lots of catchup work to do here and I'm not aware of any new targets. Maybe a guy like Cyrus Jones, who my sources say PSU has a decent shot at, could play DB if they could get him. Although my guess is someone like Jones or even Devin Fuller would be tough to pry from the WR position if they could get them, with how explosive those guys are with the ball.

That's all for now, but something to chew on for those who like to project how the class will shape up.

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