Williams Gaining Momentum

2013 West Catholic HS RB David Williams is one to watch out for. With five offers under his belt already, he talks to FOS about his style on the field and his college interests.

In less than a week, Philadelphia standout RB David Williams picked up two offers from Maryland and Virginia -- and he is only a rising junior.

Along with those two ACC offers, Williams has added Uconn, Pittsburgh, and Temple to his early list.

But what makes the 6-foot-1, 185 pound RB so special?

"Most people look at me as a big back," Williams said. "But they will be surprised at my speed."

He continued, "I ran a 4.39 in the 40 recently at Pitt."

Williams may be young, but he knows the value of persistence.

"I am someone that works hard," Williams said. "And I always have the mindset of being the underdog."

He added, "I think it helps me because it pushes me, I always go the extra yard to succeed."

That hard work is exactly what is getting him so much attention -- and helping him reap the rewards.

"My favorite part of football is winning," Williams said. "But also beating an over-rated team, coming in and beating someone that is rated higher than me is a good feeling too."

So what exactly is the talented RB looking for in a college?

"I don't know honestly what schools I like best right now," Williams said. "I know I want to stay close to home, I don't want to go far -- and I would take SEC offers but, I pretty much want to stay close to home."

A sentiment that would seem to bode well for Penn State fans -- along with one friend of his.

"I know Curtis Drake," Williams said. "He came from my school."

But no matter where Williams plays his college ball, one thing is for sure...

"I am open to the whole process as it begins," Williams said.

Williams plans on competing in several 7-on-7 tournaments and camps throughout the summer, but has yet to determine specific dates.


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