Senior Camp Recruting Notes

Fight On State Recruiting Analysts Cory James and Beth Long have the lowdown on the latest information from the Rising Senior Camp.

Here is the latest from Cory (with Beth's insight added in) on the Penn State Rising Senior Camp:

The biggest news of the weekend, was the sudden offer and commitment of NJ DT Austin Johnson.

Wondering about Johnson? Well according to Cory's sources, the staff felt like they were in bad shape with some of the other guys. (Like Schutt and Day)

And they said that Johnson was just "extremely impressive" and they decided to offer him -- and they were very excited about it. They said they might be closed at DT, but they are still open to other prospects like Schutt.

Another note on Johnson, is that although commit Camren Williams didn't get to meet him -- Coach Kenney told him that he was really impressive as well.

Speaking of Williams, he finally met fellow commit Anthony Stanko -- and got along really well.

Also, on the DL side of things, VA DT Derek Dowery was called "the most talented kid at camp," according to Cory's sources.

Cory also asked about DB, because this was a position that we all expected several offers from. From what the staff said, it didn't sound like anybody immediately stood out during camp. But they would continue to evaluate the prospects they saw as the summer wears on.

Still on the DB topic, Cory is hearing that the staff thinks they have a real solid shot with Jarrod Wilson.

If they can get him that would be huge, because they still feel they are in good shape with Cox and Reeves. That would be a good group of three.

But this could change later on in the summer.

Also, it is worth noting that the staff did deal out one offer on Monday to DB Mike Tyson, and have told DB Michael Westray that they would be in touch.

As for the OL they are in pretty good shape,even though Bars they are not really pushing for. Plus, they haven't really been pushing anyone else to step up and take Muller's spot.

Cory said, after getting a sarcasic comment about Rutgers winning the national championship in a couple of years -- his sources said that the last OL spot is up in the air still.

Another recruit that is of high interest is Ohio RB William Mahone. Accordng to Cory, he looked good at RB, but they are "a tad" worried about him.

Basically because he is from Ohio and they have had some trouble landing big recruits from there.

That being said, Mahone did really enjoy his visit to PSU, but seems to be continuing his whirlwind tour of schools this week.

Spreaking of Ohio, it's been asked if the staff will ramp up their efforts there because of the Buckeye mess? The short answer is no. According to Cory, it doesn't sound like they are putting any more focus on Ohio, they don't seem to be getting any more involved there.


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