NITTANY NOTES: Summertime Blues

Get a few notes from the off-season preparations of the Nittany Lion football squad as it gets back into classes and workouts.

With the second summer session kicking off this week many of the Penn State football players are on campus, which was not the case for the first session. "The coaches were a bit annoyed a lot of guys opted not to stick around (for first session), but we're past that now," an observer said.

In terms of the workouts, the players have been getting in a lot of running. "Several guys have been out early getting their runs in, which is great to see," an observer said. "Players are generally in good shape overall."

The players have taken in sprints, 110s, 80s, 50s and the "dreaded 300s." For those who don't know, 300s "are basically a 300-yard dash that's timed." As another observer said, "I don't think any of the players ever like them."

For these runs the players are typically grouped by position and, based on this, receive differing amounts of times to complete their runs. Here is how the groups are generally split up:

Group A: WR, DB, RB
Group B: LB, FB, QB, DE, TE
Group C: OL, DL

The players have also gotten in some limited Drill6 (7-on-7 passing), but "very basic reps to work timing."

One observer sidenote on Rob Bolden: "He's been into the workouts, seems excited to be here."

In terms of the Class of 2011, the Nittany Lions only had one early enrollee, Anthony Alosi, who unpacked back in January. Last year the Class of 2010 had seven (Silas Redd, Khairi Fortt, Kyle Baublitz, Kevin Haplea, Dakota Royer, Paul Jones and Evan Hailes).

This week the Class of 2011 arrived on campus, including Adrian Amos, Deion Barnes, Bill Belton, Donovan Smith, Sam Ficken, Ryan Nowicki, Anthony Zettel, Ben Kline, Allen Robinson, Matt Zanellato, Angelo Mangiro, Jordan Kerner, Shawn Oakman and Kyle Carter.

Among the newest additions, here are some who have initially stood out with observers:

Donovan Smith: "He's big — looks the part, although looks can be deceiving. He's pretty trim, though. He's got a chassis; we'll see if he has a motor."

Shawn Oakman: "He's towering; seems to have a good frame to work with. It looks like he could handle some more weight."

Bill Belton: "He seems pretty small, but has been fast on early runs. He's got a build to him, but the question is can he take a hit?"

Anthony Zettel: "Needs some weight, but is put together pretty well and has a good-looking physique. He's got to get some more size."

Angelo Mangiro: "Looks like he has the size to potentially make a run at the two deep. Who knows about his technique though?"

Matt Zanellato: "He's got a tight end-type build with good height. They'll want him to add some weight. Seems to be like a possession type target." is your source for the BEST content and community covering Penn State football.


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