Did 'Difference Makers' Make a Difference?

Plenty of PSU recruits tuned in Thursday night to watch ESPN's 'Difference Makers: Life Lessons with Paterno and Kryzewski.' FOS finds out what they thought of the special and the impact it might have on recruiting.

Two of the most legendary coaches in the business, Penn State's Joe Paterno and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski teamed for the first time in ESPN's 'Difference Makers: Life Lessons with Paterno and Krzyzewski' Thursday night.

The program was a hit with more than just fans -- recruits watching came away with plenty of life lessons of their own. Including Howland HS (Ohio) OL Anthony Stanko, the Lions first 2012 commitment.

"I love Joe's sense of humor," Stanko said. "He feels like he would fit in perfect with our family."

Penn State's second commitment, Mass., LB Camren Williams got that same family feeling from the program.

"That's really how Penn State is," Williams said. "A huge family of morally good people, in a circle of trust getting stronger and stronger."

But what about recruits that haven't already made their college decision? Jeanette HS standout DB Demetrious Cox perhaps said it best.

"I liked it," Cox said. "Coach Paterno had me laughing the whole time!"

His favorite part? "I know there was one part where Joe Paterno called himself good looking and all that," Cox said jokingly.

The positive vibe from the program seemed to reach everyone that was watching.

"I liked the whole thing really," Stanko said. "I liked when they were talking about how you need to take care of the little things, and the big things will come."

Another thing that the program portrayed is the emphasis on the Penn State football family, and how important it is to the success of the program.

"My favorite part and the most memorable part is when Coach Paterno said his family is like a circle of trust," Williams said. "And the more people that come into it, the circle gets bigger and the trust gets stronger."

And how about the potential impact on recruiting?

"After watching, a lot of kids might get inspired to play for such a legend," Stanko said.

Plus, as Williams pointed out, the value of the program didn't stop there.

"Anyone that watched could have learned something from Coach Paterno and Coach K," Williams said. "No matter what your age or profession."


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