Lewis Picks Five

Plymouth, Pa., standout WR Eugene Lewis officially narrowed his list of double-digit offers down to five. He talked to Fight On State about his choices and his busy summer plans.

Wyoming Valley West HS standout WR Eugene Lewis has quickly become one of the top receivers in the country.

His performances on the grid-iron earned him an invitation to one of the biggest camps of the summer -- this week's the Opening in Beaverton, Ore.

"The Opening is pretty big," Lewis said. "So I am excited."

Traveling across the country for the Opening is just another part of Lewis' busy summer.

"My summer has been pretty busy, with football everyday," Lewis said. "It's been crazy, but I finally made my top five."

Those five are Penn State, Pittsburgh, Oregon, Virginia Tech, and Maryland.

"It was hard to cut the list down," Lewis said. "I still have to call some coaches and tell them the bad news."

A coaching staff he doesn't have to call is Penn State, who was the first school in Lewis' top-five.

"I like Penn State," Lewis said. "They are on the top of my list right now."

He might be sure of his top-five, but he isn't so sure about when he actually wants to commit.

"That's the main thing I am trying to figure out right now," Lewis said. "When I want to decide, I am still talking to my dad about that."

But all in all, Lewis is in a good spot.

"I am happy where I am right now," Lewis said. "And happy with my top-five."

Lewis plans to make the short trip to Happy Valley for the Alabama game, if not before to visit.


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