Ready for Action

Penn State coach Joe Paterno is out to prove he is still sharp enough to handle game-day decisions. In fact, he intends to increase his role on the sideline in 2011. Free video is included.

CHICAGO -- The Joe Paterno show continued at Big Ten Media Days here Friday, as Penn State's 84-year-old coach once again looked and sounded like a reinvigorated man.

This time, major college football's all-time wins later said he intends to prove that he is still physically and mentally strong enough to handle the rigors of coaching a Big Ten program -- especially on game day.

And that will extend to play-calling.

Paterno admitted his role on the sideline decreased in recent years due to injury and/or illness, but added he is feeling more healthy now.

“The one thing that would worry me about my stage is, I think I can handle all of the physical part,” he said during a 100-minute roundtable session. “I just don't want to get to the point where the mind is … (snapped his fingers). You can't coach this game and do what I've done the last year or two, and not be more involved on that sideline.

“I've told the staff, I said, 'Hey, your day in the sun is over. I'm gonna call a lot more plays, a lot more defenses and the whole bit. So get ready.' That may be bad. But I'm gonna do it.”

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