Lewis on Becoming a Lion

Penn State began Wednesday by landing a verbal commitment from one of its top targets. Pennsylvania wideout Eugene Lewis talks to Fight On State about his big decision.

Eugene Lewis was feeling one thing when he announced his commitment to Penn State Wednesday.

"I am really excited," Lewis said. "I have been waiting on this day."

It was a day that he had been planning out for about a week. So when he arrived in Happy Valley Wednesday, he had a plan.

"I was there for a little while in the morning, and we went out to a practice," Lewis said. "And Coach (Joe) Paterno came up to us in a golf cart and I told him I wanted to commit."

He continued excitedly, "And he gave me a handshake and told me how excited he was."

Just like that, Lewis joined the Lions' Class of 2012, and the excitement seemed to spread throughout the entire Penn State family – and into Lewis' own family.

"My dad was probably the most excited," Lewis said. "He loves Penn State and he loves the coaches there and it was a dream come true for him."

He continued, "My parents were both very happy, and they are glad that they can come see me play my games. They think it was the best decision for me, too. They were pretty psyched."

Add Wyoming Valley West High coach Pat Keating to the list of folks who liked the decision.

"My coach was happy," Lewis said. "And when I told him about my decision he said whatever I wanted he was going to support me. I guess he is happy now cause I can focus on the season."

That's sentiment that the Plymouth, Pa., standout certainly echoes.

"Now I don't have to worry about phone calls too much," Lewis said. "I don't have to think about where I want to go, I don't have to have people keep asking me where I am going. I am happy that I picked the school I did."

Even though Lewis had been outspoken about Penn State being his favorite school for quite some time, he still had a difficult decision on his hands.

"I really knew last week," Lewis said. "I was kind of debating between Penn State and Virginia Tech."

He continued, "I had to go through and look at all the opportunities they offered, and the best ones were at Penn State for me — to play early and for my family to come see me play."

Playing early was a big factor in the four-star WR's college choice – especially after he saw the plan the Lions coaching staff had for him.

"The coaches have been telling me I will definitely be playing wide receiver as my number one thing," Lewis said. "They have seen my highlight film at quarterback and say they might also put me at wildcat. I like the ball in my hands so that's a good thing."

One thing is for sure about Lewis, he is very happy to join Nittany Nation.

"My favorite thing about Penn State is the atmosphere," Lewis said. "I just feel so comfortable there. I just get the best feeling about it that good things will come from Penn State. And that's why I picked it."


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