Film Evaluation: Mitchum & Shipley

In this film evaluation, Marsh Creek takes a look at two linemen, Kyle Mitchum (Erie McDowell HS) and A.Q. Shipley (Moon Area HS), who display good footwork, quickness, balance, and leverage.

Film Evaluation - #69 Kyle Mitchum, Erie McDowell HS

Kyle Mitchum has seen his stock rise dramatically in recent weeks as offers have poured in from major football schools in the east. Penn State, Ohio State, Pitt, Miami, and Florida State are just a few that have offered this OT/DT prospect.

Kyle goes about 6'4" and 265lbs. right now and has a build that suggests he will play somewhere on the offensive line. The first thing you notice with Kyle's highlight tape is how quickly he explodes out of his stance. Despite being the biggest player on his offensive line, he's always the first to fire out of his stance.

Kyle has excellent footspeed and quickness in tight spaces. One of the things that really stands out with Kyle is how low he is able to stay throught out his blocks. Kyle essentially gets superior leverage on his man and keeps it all the way through his block.

Film Evaluation - #75 A.Q. Shipley, Moon Area HS

A.Q. Shipley garnered a lot of offers right out of the gate this year. When one watches his highlight film it's easy to see why that was the case.

A.Q. stands 6'2" and goes 275lbs. As a junior A.Q. was named a Pennsylvania Football News first team AAA all state selection as an offensive lineman, but I think his future may be on the defensive side of the ball.

Like Kyle Mitchum, A.Q. has a tremendous first step acceleration off the snap. His highlight film shows one play after another where he simply explodes past the blocker into the offensive backfield.

A.Q. is built low to the ground which gives him some built in advantages over would-be blockers. He has very broad shoulders and very strong powerful legs to drive through the line of scrimmage.

A.Q. is not just a fireplug though, he's actually very quick, and I'm not just talking about off the snap either. A.Q. has very good change of direction to get to the ball. This is a very good indication of good balance.

One of the main things you notice on the tape however is the raw power of A.Q. Shipley. When he hits the ball carrier, he really drives through the tackle. When A.Q. hits the play seems to go backwards in the direction A.Q. is moving it.

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