NY Duo Travels To Penn State

Two impressive sophomore prospects from Webster, New York, OL <b>Justin Schifano</b> and LB <b>Mike Stenclik</b>, travelled to Penn State for both the Blue-White game and Nike Camp. How was the experience?

Offensive lineman Justin Schifano and linebacker Mike Stenclik are currently sophomores at Webster Schroeder High School in Webster, NY. Each has been a starter at his respective position the last two years, two seasons which resulted in Class AA State Championships.

Jim Bellucco, who is both the defensive line coach and strength and conditioning coach at Webster, took both prospects to Penn State a week and a half ago for the Blue-White game on Saturday and the Nike Camp on Sunday. LionNews got the chance to talk with him during the Nike Camp.

"Justin is an offensive guard or tackle," Bellucco said. "Right now, we have him at tackle. Today he was measured at 6'4 1/2", 302 pounds. If you see him, he's not fat. He's a very good athlete; he can jump, he can run and he's got quick feet.

"Our strength program is 12 months a year. We try to develop these kids with their footwork and a lot of core strength stuff, a lot of abs, lower back, a lot of things on our feet, ground-based stuff.

"Justin push presses 300 pounds over his head. Stenclik, the linebacker, weighed in at 219 today and presses 285 over his head. We only do the bench press once a week, it's not real important. Schifano did 30 reps [of 185-pounds] today. Stenclik was disappointed because he only got 14. But, that's fine, he's got really long arms. They both squat over 500 pounds.

"They're both very good students, Justin especially, he's an 'A' student."

Saturday, the day of the Blue-White game, was the first time either prospect set foot in Happy Valley. The Nittany Lion coaching staff did their best to make the day memorable.

"Dick Anderson showed us around after the game for about 2 and a half hours, just us. He gave us a personal tour and he seems very interested. Our kids were very impressed."

Other schools are already beginning to show serious interest as well.

"We had Michigan come down to our school on Friday (April 25). They (Michigan) were very impressed. It was the recruiting coordinator for Michigan.

"It's going to get crazy for them, but they're good kids. They'll be fine with it."

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