First Offer Arrives

Bryan Savage made an impressive showing at the recent Penn State Nike Camp. Several colleges have begun expressing serious interest with one even extending a written scholarship offer.

Name: Bryan Savage
Position: QB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.68 seconds at Nike Camp
Bench Press: 12 reps of 185 pounds at Nike
School: The Haverford School, Haverford, PA

Despite missing 3 games during his junior season as a result of fractured ribs, Bryan threw for 1,360 yards and 9 touchdowns, and ran for an additional 300 yards and 4 scores.

Savage, who also plays linebacker for Haverford, was injured while playing quarterback after being hit late from the side by an opposing lineman.

"I played the rest of the game," Bryan said. "Then I got an X-Ray and they said I had two fractured ribs, slight fractures, but the coach wouldn't let me play in the next three games."

Bryan did however return to play in his team's last game against rival Episcopal.

The little-known quarterback prospect made the trip to Penn State less than two weeks ago to participate in the Nike Camp and impressed many in attendance, including quarterback coach Bob Johnson. Johnson has stayed in contact.

"He just said I did pretty well competing with Morelli and Henne who are supposedly the two best quarterbacks in Pennsylvania. It was great to hear from him. I had never met him before, but I heard a lot about him. So, I've been talking to him.

"He invited me to the other Nike Camp on May 17 because a lot of college coaches are going to be there. Hopefully, I can do well there. I want to try to get an invite to the Elite 11, but I'll have to perform pretty well, probably have to be the best one at the camp. I told him I've been working out 3 days a week, throwing and going over all the drills that we did at the last Nike Camp so that when I get there I can do them better."

The current May evaluation period has been going well for Bryan so far.

"I've had a couple of schools visit me in the last couple of days so it's been good. Bob Johnson actually called a couple of coaches for me."

While talking with Bryan, Coach Franklin from Maryland called.

"I met him before when he came to my school. I didn't really get to talk to him then, but I called him that night and he said he wanted to get me down to their campus. I'm going down this Saturday to visit and he said they're probably going to make me an offer, so that's pretty cool.

"I got an offer from Wisconsin the other day. They called my house and Coach Brian White talked to my father and they said there was a FedEx package on the way and I got it about 2 days ago."

The list of schools expressing interest in Bryan is certain to grow in the coming months.

"I've been getting a lot of interest from Wisconsin obviously, Maryland, Syracuse, Penn State, Tennessee's starting to get interested, Michigan State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, there are a bunch of schools but I really don't know how interested they are yet."

Savage has been to Penn State several times now. He attended a summer camp last year, he attended a weekend practice session, he returned for a junior day, and he visited for both the Blue-White game and Nike Camp.

"The visits went real well. I met all the coaches, including Coach Vanderlinden. He had been sending me a lot of mail. So, I went up there and visited them and they seemed very interested but I think they're waiting around for Chad Henne. The coach (Vanderlinden) is always telling me 'You're a great fit for Penn State', stuff like that, but they haven't offered me yet, so I don't know what's going on.

"I'm just going to go to this next Nike Camp and hopefully blow up, shock a lot of people."

Although from Pennsylvania, Savage did not necessarily root for the Nittany Lions growing up.

"To be honest, I liked Notre Dame. They're my favorite, but all my uncles, like 10 of my uncles, have season tickets to Penn State. They all bought tickets together. They're not blood uncles, they're my dad's best friends, they go hunting together. We have a cabin up by Penn State, so all my uncles are big Penn State fans and they're all pushing me to try to get a scholarship there."

Bryan seems very interested in Penn State.

"I'd love to play there. It's definitely a great place. I liked it up there. The campus is beautiful and I like the area. I like the mountains."

So far in the early going of the May evaluation period, the Nittany Lion coaching staff has not yet made a trip to Haverford.

"Coach Vanderlinden said they're going to come out later in May because he's like up in Illinois and Michigan."

The Fighting Irish have made the trip to visit him at school.

"The coach was down at my school last week, the recruiting coordinator. They want me to go to their camp this summer. I think that's the only way they give out scholarships, if the coach gets to work with you. So, I think I'm going to go to that camp.

"I want to try to verbal before the end of the summer. I want to get it all over with and not have to worry about it during the football season."

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