Davis Talks About Penn State

Fort Worth, Tx. star athlete D.J. Davis has a great amount of early interest in the Nittany Lions. Have they offered him a scholarship? Where do the Nittany Lions factor into his list of favorites?

Name: D.J. Davis
Position: CB/FS
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.31
Bench Press: 350 lbs
Hometown/School: Fort Worth, Tx. (Dunbar HS)

History will tell you that Penn State has never had an All-American cornerback on its roster despite putting out a list of players that have gone on to have solid NFL careers.  Texas native D.J. Davis would love to change that if given the opportunity.  But will the Nittany Lion coaching staff show enough interest to get the multi-dimensional Davis out of Texas?

Davis hails from Dunbar HS in Fort Worth, Tx., a veritable factory of football talent.  Davis (he had his first name legally changed to just D.J.) pulled dual duty last season for the Wildcats, playing both free safety and cornerback.  But his tremendous athleticism (4.31 40, 38'' vertical, 10.4 100-meter, 20.2 200-meter) and good size (6'1'', 185) suggests D.J. will be roaming in the secondary, either corner or free safety, of whatever major university signs him.

D.J. has been a popular figure with college coaches this month, amassing written offers from Louisiana State, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, and Missouri.  In addition to those, he boasts verbal offers from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Louisiana Tech, and Arkansas.  There is one school suspiciously absent from that listing; one in which D.J. has a very high interest in--Penn State.

Have the Nittany Lions been keeping tabs on Davis?

"We haven't heard from them much lately at all.  I've been getting letters from Penn State since my freshman year and that's who I was leaning towards, but they haven't called.  I guess their interest in me is low.  So I'm leaning away from them right now," admitted D.J.

According to D.J., Brian Norwood was sending him quite a bit of mail, but has not been in contact with either him or his coach.

"I've called Coach Norwood and let him know. I've actually even called Joe Paterno and voiced my interest in them. They were happy about it then but as of now it's just, I don't know," said a frustrated sounding D.J, who believed his call was placed more than a month ago.

"I believe my coach sent them film.  Coach Norwood is supposed to come down this month and see me practice after the state track meet coming up this Friday.  I'll be able to get out on the football field all that weekend.  Coach Norwood's supposed to come down and check me out then," said D.J., who received that information from Norwood via email.

What initially attracted Davis to Penn State, despite its lengthy proximity from northeast Texas?

"They were just a cool team.  Penn State had Larry Johnson and a couple other players. It was basically because they were sending letters to me since I was a freshman.  So I did some research on Joe Paterno, how he was a wining coach and how the program was the elite program to be in up in that area," stated D.J., who continued, "Everybody I talk to about Penn State tells me it's just a great atmosphere.  It's a great state to be in and their organization is really good.  So I've got a lot of 'ok's' and nothing but good words about Penn State."

At this point in the process, D.J. has only seen Lsu and Texas A&M on unofficial visits.  He does however, plan to take at least some of his five allotted official visits.

"I'm open to everybody, so I'll take official visits, definitely.  I'm thinking about calling June Jones over in Hawaii and somehow get him interested in me, so I can maybe take a trip out there," admitted DJ.

Although they have fallen from among the leaders of Davis' services, can the Nittany Lions reclaim some ground if they show strong interest in the near future?

"Definitely!  They sent me a book recently and I've been reading through that. I didn't know the color at Penn State was pink at one time.  That would have effected my interest in them," laughed D.J. "They'll be back in the door.  Right now they are in the dog house, but they can make it up."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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