CALLING CARD: Michael Zordich

Michael Zordich talks about the fullback position, the Alabama defense, the preseason mustache competition and more.

Penn State fullback Michael Zordich fielded questions on Tuesday morning. Here is a sampling of his comments.

On the fullback tandem he forms with Joey Suhey:

"We figured out a pretty good system with everything last year and we're just continuing off that. He has a lot of skill in the passing game and I bring a physical aspect to it. We just kind of work off each other."

On the Alabama defense:

He said the front seven is "very good," especially the outside guys. They were "young guys and made plays" in the game vs. PSU last year and now they're more experienced. "Overall, they're just very talented. They have a lot of speed and they're strong. They're just really good from what I've seen on film so far."

On how this PSU team stacks up against the one that lost at Alabama last season:

"I think we're better than we were last year. We were..."

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