CALLING CARD: Gerald Hodges

Gerald Hodges fielded a wide array of questions on Wednesday afternoon on Alabama, Penn State, the linebackers, fans and more.

Gerald Hodges discussed a variety of topics on Penn State and Alabama Wednesday afternoon. Get a sampling below and see his complete comments at the link below:

On the play he got hurt on last year:

"Definitely, it was a bummer last year. It was the first play so you never know. I could not sleep before the game and was so anxious and then got hurt on the first play. I am anxious but trying to keep my composure."

"I was clipped from behind on the play and got a hairline fracture in my fibula."

On when he felt he was back 100% last year:

"I think it was Michigan. It was when I felt good. It took some time, but I was glad I got back as quickly as I did."

On playing in this Alabama game:

"Just playing those big teams on a big stage is what big time football is all about."

On earning his job preseason:

"I felt like it was my job to keep [this preseason], but getting hurt set me back. I am not going to say it was my job, but I had to earn it."

CALLING CARD: Gerald Hodges Talks Alabama


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