CALLING CARD: Michael Mauti

Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti tackled topics on Wednesday heading into the home game with Alabama. See what the standout defenseman had to say here.

Michael Mauti discussed topics on last year's Alabama game, Penn State's preparations for Saturday, the defense, linebackers and more here:

On what concerns him most about the Alabama offense:

"The offensive line is big and physical and they have some great backs. We have to come and be physical too and gang tackle those backs. Both quarterbacks can throw so we have to be on our toes."

On the intensity level this week:

"It's kind of the same; we want to be focused - 100% focused on every session and practice. We prepare for these guys just like everyone else, this one just has a little more meaning."

On playing the SEC:

"It's always a big deal. We like to represent the Big Ten well."

On last year's game:

"I watched that game so many times - our performance was kind of embarrassing. They reload down there, so they will be ready. We have to bring our game and execute."

On what he's most concerned about with the defense currently:

"I am not sure we're..."

CALLING CARD: Michael Mauti Talks Alabama


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