QBs Show Solidarity at Paternoville

Bolden, McGloin among the Penn State players supporting the students who have spent a rainy week outside of Beaver Stadium in anticipation of Saturday's big game against No. 3 Alabama. Check out the story and video.

Rob Bolden and Matt McGloin may be in a heated battle to win the starting quarterback job at Penn State. But if Thursday night was any indication, the two QBs are getting along just fine in spite of the spirited competition.

Bolden and McGloin were among 30 or so Nittany Lions who stopped by Paternoville, the student tent community set up outside Beaver Stadium in anticipation of Saturday's nationally televised game with No. 3 Alabama.

The students arrived early Monday morning and have endured heavy rain throughout the week, just for a chance to be the first fans in the stadium Saturday. There are more than 100 tents set up and they have housed more than 900 students (though not all at the same time).

“It's really exciting to see,” McGloin said. “We have a ton of support from students. They're willing to camp out in the rain. It just shows how supportive they are.”

Bolden and McGloin actually arrived together, and immediately began handing out T-shirts. Then they teamed up to take on students in games of trash can football, a Paternoville staple. They won one game (in spite of an airball by pinch-thrower and quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno) but lost the second.

Bolden and McGloin playing trash can football

There were plenty of smiles and some good-natured … well … trash talking during the games. Bolden and McGloin were clearly pulling for one another.

“It just shows that Penn State is all about competition, but it's all about us being a family,” Bolden said. “We're all in this together. We all want to win.”

After a long week in the rain, student John Tecce, the president of the Paternoville coordination committee, said the visit by the players went a long way toward boosting morale. Seeing Bolden and McGloin hanging out together was a positive, too.

“We were laughing about that, especially when they stepped up to play trash can football,” Tecce said. “We were making jokes about whoever hit the can first would be the starter. But as much as the storyline is that it's a competition, you can also see those guys are in it together.”

You can check out the Thursday night action at Paternoville -- including some trash can football footage -- above.

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