Unexpected Rewards

When the Penn State captains were announced last week, two seniors were pleasantly surprised.

In one of the latest announcements in years, Penn State named its 2011 team captains Sept. 2 — a day before the season-opener with Indiana State.

Safety Drew Astorino, tackle Quinn Barham, receiver Derek Moye and defensive tackle Devon Still got the nod. But for two of these capstans, the news was unexpected.

"I actually found out last Friday," Barham said. "We had a team meeting after we had position meetings. We came together as a team and Coach (Joe) Paterno announced captains. I was surprised."

But that's not all Barham felt.

"I was also proud that my teammates elected me," Barham said. "It feels like I have been doing something right over the years."

For Moye, the feeling was similar.

"I consider myself as a quite-type person," Moye said. "When my name was announced I was kind of shocked. But at the same time it was a great feeling."

He added, "It's a great honor to be a captain, especially because it's a team-voted thing and it shows the respect of my teammates."

And for both, being a captian this year brings new challenges – like taking on SEC foe Alabama Saturday.

"It's a new year, and we have a new attitude on the team now," Barham said. "We are definitely going to put up more of a fight and really finish."

He continued, "We really are more of a complete offense and complete team."

Moye agreed with his fellow captain. But he does not think anyone will be overwhelmed by the increased expectations.

"I wouldn't say there is more pressure on the captains this year because we have a lot of great seniors and upperclassmen that are really great leaders," Moye said. "So if anything, it is a little easier to be a captain this year."


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