BAMA: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed miserably in Penn State's lopsided loss to the Crimson Tide? Check out our grades to find out.

The report card from Penn State's 27-11 loss to Alabama at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

OVERALL: Spare us the talk about playing with more toughness. A 16-point loss is a 16-point loss.
Grade: D

OFFENSE: Penn State made one trip inside the red zone. Need we say more?
Grade: F

DEFENSE: This group had its moments. But, just like last season, it failed to rise to the occasion in the clutch.
Grade: D+

SPECIAL TEAMS: OK, so maybe the Lions did get a bad spot on Alabama's fake punt. But PSU had the right personnel in for the play and the fact that the runner even got close to the marker was unacceptable. A special teams' error proves costly once again -- as predicted.
Grade: D

COACHING: Unfortunately, this has become par for the course when Joe Paterno faces a top-flight coach.
Grade: D

INTANGIBLES: The Lions didn't seem to draw anything from a great crowd. We doubt there will be another one like it for a long time.
Grade: F

OTHER GUY: We're not sure that's the third-best team in the nation. But it came into a hostile environment, dealt with early adversity and won easily.
Grade: A

OFFICIALS: We take back all of the bad things we've ever said about Big Ten officials. The SEC crew was terrible and lucky to be bailed out by video review on two occasions. As bad as the refs were, though, they did not determine the outcome of the game. The much better team won.
Grade: F

CROWD: They packed the house and stayed, even though their team stunk up the joint for much of the day.
Grade: A+


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