Cory's Recruiting Notebook

Cory James gives an update on his observations and discussions with Penn State prospects from the PSU sideline of the Alabama clash. Get an exclusive update here.

Here are the latest notes from FOS Recruiting Analyst Cory James gathered from the sideline of Saturday's Penn State game.

  • From what I could gather from my observations and the prospects, the two most impressed uncommitted visitors this weekend were Canaan Severin and Devin Fuller. Both players seemed pretty awestruck by the atmosphere for the game Saturday.

  • I did not see Kent Taylor there, nor did any of the recruits I spoke to. It doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't in attendance, but I am trying to figure out if he was or was not.

  • Joel Caleb seemed to be front and center on the sidelines and the focus of some coaches stopping by to chat among warm-ups. It is clear that PSU really wants him, but I havent been able to talk with him yet to see what his thoughts were. Caleb is a lot bigger than I expected; I don't see him being a receiver as he looks like a safety to me. Though having not seen him play in person, maybe he moves really well for his size and can stick at WR.

  • Bam Bradley definitely looks the part of a big hitting safety. He seemed to be enjoying himself on the sidelines, but he and his family seemed to stay on their own and didn't mingle too much with other recruits during pre-game. I have heard that Cam Williams, Armani Reeves, and a few others were in his ear doing a little recruiting at some point on the visit though.

  • Ryan Switzer, the junior wideout from the 2013 Class, was on hand and I saw Coach McQueary come up to him during warmups and joke around with him shortly. Switzer is very small, along the lines of Devon Smith - maybe a little taller. I am surprised to say it, but it does seem like maybe the PSU offer for next year is legit. I will have to watch some film of Switzer for this year as it must be electric. Switzer was really enjoying the atmosphere and everything, seemed to be in awe of the crowd.

  • I spoke with William Mahone yesterday as I was traveling. Mahone said that he got to PSU late after his ACT and had to sit separate from the other recruits. After the game, he didn't know what to do so he just left. Sounds like a little bit of a debacle here. I know Cam Williams was texting Mahone during the game since they couldnt sit together. The other bad thing was that I asked Mahone how he liked the atmosphere. He said that he was at the Michigan-PSU game last year and he thought that atmosphere was better than the one for Bama. All in all, doesn't sound like great news on the Mahone front for PSU.

All in all, it seemed like a good visit. The news seems to be good on Fuller. Still waiting to hear word from Caleb and Bradley. Gotta see if Taylor didnt make it if he rescheduled. Check the Total Access Board for further updates.


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