CALLING CARD: Glenn Carson

Penn State middle linebacker tackled a variety of topics on Wednesday ranging from his own play and improvement to the Penn State defense to Temple's offense and more.

Penn State MLB Glenn Carson fielded questions on Wednesday morning, here's a recap of his comments:

On the lack of turnovers and what they are working on for that:

"We've been working on stripping the ball and have had stations to strip the ball and getting picks and recovering fumbles. We're always looking for the ball when guys get held up."

On his comfort level in the middle:

"I am starting to feel really comfortable playing in front of a large crowd. The two games have helped. Both the guys next to me I couldn't be happier with them and we mesh together really well; I trust Mauti and Hodges a lot."

On Temple's offense:

"Temple is a tough team - Joe said it's the toughest Temple we've ever played. They have a dynamic offense which will test us."

On Temple's run game:

"Very shifty and slippery. The biggest thing is to break down and regain your shuffle and get in tackling position."

On what the Alabama film showed him:

"I think we were getting to the ball pretty good, but we're still working on getting all 11...

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