Gameday Weather

Joe Murgo provides the gameday forecast for the nittany Lions as the head east to Philadelphia to face the Temple Owls.

Hello Nittany Nation,

Last week luck was with us at Beaver Stadium. Well, at least weather-wise as there were thunderstorms very close to the stadium while we enjoyed some sunshine and a comfortable afternoon. The team wasn't quite as lucky but hopefully we can win out both ways this Saturday as the Nittany Lions head to Philadelphia to take on the Temple Owls.

There should be no travel problems heading to the stadium from any direction. Saturday will feature sunshine filtered by high clouds. It will be cool enough in the morning for a jacket, but even with just dim sunshine, it should be comfortable in the stadium with a kickoff temperature in the lower 60s at noon. Some people prone to be chilly will be cool enough for long sleeves or a jacket in the shady locations. Even though there will be some clouds, don't forget that sunscreen as the sun is still strong enough for a burn or skin damage. There will be a light breeze from the east, but not enough to cause problems for the team.

Postgame (hopefully celebration) tailgates will feature temperatures in the 60s with the sun still filtered by the high clouds. Post game travel will also be good in all directions.

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